Hey, peoples! Here's a poem I wrote shortly after the earthquake in Haiti. It really hit me deep when I was done with it, so listen closely and enjoy! PLEASE REVIEW! and check out my other works too ;)

No Longer

I try not to look around;

Try to shut out what's really going on,

Just outside my windows.

There are people suffering,

Children crying,

And what action am I taking?

I'm sitting here writing;

Writing about what is,

But should never be.

Yet it doesn't have to be…

The world crumbles to ruble,

And no one seems to mind.

Why won't anyone feed the starving children?

Shelter the shivering homeless?

We complain about orders that were jumbled,

While rolling out of the drive-thru.

Are we that spoiled?

I say it's time to change.

This world won't last forever,

So we have to do the best that we can,

To hold while we still can.

Their pleas for help ring out constantly.

No more.

I want to be the one to bring water,

To the thirsty.

To want to bring comfort,

For the frightened.


For the lonely.

They're all waiting for help,

But no more.

We all must say,

No more.

It's time to put my pencil down;

Stop dreaming of what could be.

I need to make things happen.

They're waiting for me,

They're waiting for all of us,

But no more;

No longer.

I'm coming.

REVIEW! please? lol :)