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A Faded Past

Chapter Two

Devoid of breathe and awareness, Len stood gazing fearfully into the darkened woodlands, just beyond the border of the blazing village. His heart turned cold and everything around him faded away. That which stood in the shadows was that which had haunted the Ellito's dreams for years.

His teeth were bright white, highly in contrast to the rest of him. He was cloaked in black; in darkness indescribable. He appeared a ghost and a shadow from the void itself. About his feet swirled a dark cloud from voices hissed like snakes, beckoning and calling from an abyss unseen. Yet his eyes were what haunted Len. They pierced and burned, but it was not the terrors hidden in them that caused sorrow to take a hold. It was the familiarity.

Before Len stood a man he once knew as well as himself.

Len, a voice inside the Ellito's head hissed. It felt like a thousand daggers, but Len stood firm, staring into the haunting orbs. Len Ellito

Why have you come here? Len challenged, trying desperately to keep his voice from betraying his emotions. No one else seemed aware of the silent conversation between the man and the phantom. Around them, the village burned, the excessive smoke making it increasingly difficult to see.

The phantom smirked, a blood-chilling sight. Do I not have the right to visit a man I once knew? A man I once would have died for? He sneered. Len's hand tightened around the hilt of his blade. How one man could bring such sorrow and rage at the same time was beyond him.

You speak of a past that is long dead. Why do you seek to haunt me with such hopes that it might one day return? Len replied fiercely. His blood boiled, yet at the same time his heart broke. There was hardly a desire so deep within him than to see the past restored. He was forced to remind himself not for the first time that the past would always remain the past, nothing more.

I can see into your heart as you can see into mine. The bond we once shared long ago is still intact. I see your desires; your weakness. You are vulnerable, Len. Where is the power of the Ellitos that you once declare to be so strong? the phantom taunted. His voice was dark, not unlike the rest of him, but it still held a kind of nobility to it. A mere shadow of what it once was, Len mused. Then he shook himself mentally. He was stronger than this. He would not let the past haunt him. But deep inside, he realized that he didn't have a choice.

You turned from the power of the Ellitos long ago. Its secret and the extent of its power are no longer for you to know, Dagon! Len spat the phantom's name like it was poison drawn from a wound. You need not have done this to the village. Have you no honor? Are you blind to their innocence?

Your words have no effect on me, Ellito! I have grown stronger than you realize! These people will die along with all others. I will destroy the Ellitos; every last one! Only then will your Master see that he does not have control. Dagon declared, the fire reflecting in his black eyes. Death will come to those that you love, Len, just as it came to the ones that I did.

Ellitos were not supposed to hate. They were not supposed to succumb to the possessive emotions, but the phantom, Dagon, made him see red. He was the Lord of the Ellitos. They were his only family. No one threatened them without evoking pure rage from their leader.

I will die a thousand times before you kill anyone else that I love, Len swore. I remember well the past and what you did; what you became. This darkness has taken you further from me than I can reach, Dagon. I remember every pain you have caused me. And I swear to you by my last breath that I will not let it happen again to those I hold dear.

Beware, Ellito. I stay true to my word. A sinister laugh made Len shiver without thought. Dagon turned and walked away, melting like smoke into the shadows. No trance of his presence remained saved for the darkened feeling he left in his wake.

Len swayed dangerously before shaking himself from his reverie. His stomach did a somersault and threatened to revolt. It was not the first time he'd spoken to Dagon, and it was not the first time he'd felt sick afterwards. Light did not respond well to encounters with such darkness.

Slowly, the Ellito's senses returned. He first began to hear the roar of the flames, the clashing of metal against metal. His sight was still blurred, but recovering. It was not until it was too late that all of his senses were restored to their heightened level. Had he'd turn around quicker at the sound of his name, he may have avoided disaster. But the fact remains that he did not.

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