To the Reviewers

You know, I do not understand the adult mind. They fight, and they argue; they start wars over concepts that even little children can understand. Perhaps it is because children are far more open-minded than the adult, but they amaze me with their complex, yet simple understanding.

Please hear me out. I am glad, elated actually, that you all are expressing mixed opinions. It is that type of diversity that makes this world colorful and interesting to live in, just as one of the reviews so graciously pointed out. Yes, we do and can have different opinions; different answers to different problems. But see, it's just like a math problem: there's only one right answer. Oh, there are plenty of answers, but they are not all right. They can't be all right, or all you end up with is chaos. Think of the world this way. Look around. What do you see and hear? It is not order. Nowhere near. It's all because we are trying to pass wrong answers as right.

By saying that the world is black and white, I mean that right and wrong are apparent, just like black and white.

I am young. I guarantee that I am younger than every single reviewer. And while things are made complex, I see them simply, through young eyes. Do not seek to complicate things by bringing variables into the equation that need not be presented. If we all knew the right and the wrong, can you not imagine what we could avoid?

Think about it. Don't flame, but really think, and when you're done, debate and review. All of these opinions need to be heard. I am not trying to fight you, any of you. I merely want to present to you a view on the world that you may not be so familiar with. I respect all views, so please, have patient and respect mine and all others as well.

~Essence of Hope