Oh that ache,
That ache,
I feel you moving further and further away from me.

And I love you
So I place my fingers flush against my eyes,
So I hang my head in coffee shops,
So I blink away the tears.

And I imagine us
Soft and warm
And I burn for you
And I spin in the sheets in an empty bed
And the twine that binds us is fraying.

Softer than downy feathertop
I whisper in the night
I whisper for you,
I quake for you,
I ache for you.

Pain could not quiet the cry in my heart
Pain could not dampen the sting
Sweeten the blow
Magnify the things I remember of you:
Your skin,
Your mouth,
Your hair,
Your long hands,
Your irises shrinking as the day breaks.

Oh the fever and the sleepless nights
I cry myself awake
Clawing out of a dream of tenderness
Into lonely morning.