It's Essence here! This is just some drabble. Me and some of my friends were all writing romance poems and, well, I came up with this. I normally don't do stuff this romantic (I prefer to keep you wanting more by making it subtle:-) but this was a dare it goes:

The Return

Where is my love?

My fire, my strength?

This darkness clouds my mind,

Takes it all away.

I can't feel his touch'

Can't hear his calming voice.

"Where have you gone, my love?

Why have you left when I need you the most?"

Silence is my answer.

I weep for what I have lost.

I need him back by my side.

I need him to guide me through this storm.

Over yonder, I wonder if he does the same.

Is he searching for me?

Will he find me here in this dark abyss?

I hold onto hope with what strength I have.

Love; it is power.

Unshakable and solid.

It keeps me whole; keeps me sane,

While I wait for him to find me.

It has been long since we last parted,

And this darkness followed in pursuit.

He is my out; my one escape;

My light in this shadow I've fallen to.

I'm still here alone,

In this dim and dreary place.

But I have found my fire; my love.

In my heart I can see his face.

So still I'll await his return.

I know that he shan't here me here to perish.

He'll come and pull away all of the shadows of doubt.

He'll be by me side; a love for us both to cherish.