Essence here! This is another English assignment. the topic was :"What to do when you don't know what to do". Don't really know how this turned out, so you tell me. Review! :-)

Ever-changing Sands

My world is falling;
Crumbling like the sand between my fingers.
I seek refuge from my troubles at the bay.
There is peace there that calms my soul.

I walk up to the water hoping that it will wash everything away.
All of my fears I wish I could just cast into the waves.
Time is passing like the sun beyond the horizon,
And with it stealing away my joy.

What can one do when they are fighting time?
Why must good times be stolen away to make way for the bad?
It seems that this is the way that life and time work.
I can fight against neither.

I know not what I can do.

One foot after another I step onto the sandy shores.
I can feel each grain packed hard under my feet.
The tides come up and surrounded them with cold water.
I can see the ripples in the sand where shells poke out.

Nothing on the beach ever stays.
Everything is one day washed away.
I can see it happening even now:
The waves pulling a rock from its rest to sink to the ocean's floor.

I look out across the vast body astounded.
It seemed as though it goes on forever.
The reflection of the sun ripples along with the tides.
The seagulls bob up and down with the unpredictable current.

I stand in awe of the sea's undaunted beauty.
No matter how hard I gaze I can't see a distant shore.
I wonder if there is someone doing the same:
Gazing across the water for the shore that I stand on.

The sight of the ocean brings back memories of better times.
I had no worries and my life was steady like the tides,
But lately things have fallen into utter chaos.
I wonder if things will ever be the same again.

Slowly, I realize that life work just like the beach.
One moment there are good times.
Then they are washed away.
But sometimes they will return to rest on the shore again.

Before I go I gaze across the unending ocean one last time.
Once again I am taken aback by its beauty.
I took it as a vast pool of possibilities;
As a never ending hope that one day things might change.

The waves steal a shell just like time has my joy.
Yet in time, that shell might return to the shores for all to enjoy.
I hope and pray with everything that I have,
That everything that I have lost will return to me again.

The sun finally dips below the horizon, leaving me in the dark.
But I know now that there is hope:
For the sun will return with the morning,
And so will my joy.

I sigh and then turn my back on the serenity of the bay,
But I walk away with a new lesson learned.
Where I once stood, the tides came and washed over the sand.
No trace of my presence there after remained.