Before going further into the next chapter, I want to you to seriously read and heed through the warnings that I will be giving you. If you find yourself sensitive to the following topics, this story is not for you and I highly advise you to go back to the previous page and look for something worth your while. The following warnings are:


Nonconsensual/Reluctant sex


Domestic and Sexual Abuse

I honestly wish each and every one of you to take the warnings seriously. This story is not one of puppy romance or sexy suave men who enchant women with their seductive powers and beautiful eyes. This is a brutal story. This is a dark fic. This is an M rated fic. I will not tolerate anyone who goes any further without reading the warnings without fully knowing what they're getting themselves into and blaming it upon me for affecting you tremendously. I admit I should've done this earlier had I known that I was going to take this path. I should've done this before I had known it would be getting more than intense and affecting others more than possibly known. But now, I'm doing it, and I want all of you to take the warnings seriously.

I have received emails/PMs/reviews of the story about how strong it is and how they do not like the thought of Aurora and Orion sticking together due to their abusive relationship. If it goes on any further, I will be forced to move this story onto a different website where other stronger stories are shared upon. Between Aurora and Orion, they have a very complex relationship. As one reviewer, KittyPimms, has said, "What people seem to be forgetting is that this is a fantasy tale, dealing with supernatural beings that do not abide to "human" standards, understandings, or cognitions." Please that that into consideration.

I am also removing the category of "romance" because I'm assuming that people are looking for the lovey dovey type of story rather this dark one.

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As a writer, I love dabbling with different parts of genres, including different possibilities. Rape is real. Rape does happen. We cannot ignore murder, kidnappings, rape, and molestation simply because it is bad and it shouldn't happen. We must come to realization that our world has its dark and gritty parts. It's painful, but it must be acknowledged. It shouldn't be hidden.

I give you fair warnings.

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My Wolf Boy

"It is surely a great calamity for a human being to have no obsessions."

Robert Bly

Chapter 1: Asphyxiation

She was stomping along the sidewalk, ignoring the strange looks bystanders gave at the look of anger on her face. Aurora Borealis Walker was livid. The tendons and veins were practically protruding out from the skin on her neck, reaching outwards towards the rest of the world in anger and rage. A man roughly brushed against her shoulder, causing the young woman to stumble.

"Do you have two left feet? Watch where you're going, fucker!" Aurora snarled, sneering at the man in an ugly manner as her green eyes pierced through him with the ferocity of a beast. She turned away, missing the look of astonishment written on his face as she continued to stride in the direction of hell.

It wasn't just today that was failing to turn out well - her general life was just crappy.

Aurora Borealis frowned at the memory of her brothers practically tackling her with the weight of a bull this morning. They'd stolen her sweet, sugar-frosted bread, and had thrown it around in the air like a football as they attempted to play a one-sided game of "monkey in the middle". In the end, no one ate the bread but the dog. And no, they were not fourteen, fifteen, sixteen or seventeen any longer. Why don't you try twenty-one, twenty-four and twenty-five? What was more embarrassing was that all four brothers still lived in the same house as the freshman college student, Aurora; her father, Dr. Walker and their cowardly Chihuahua, Courage.

Her mom was a lost soul.

No, that's not right. It seemed a bit too dramatic if Aurora placed it that way.

Her mother ditched on the family.

Two days after the nameless baby had been born the tender mother disappeared without a trace. She left her husband - the man who worked in an asylum for a living - to label the unnamed child. So instead of receiving some regular, common name, her father named his daughter after the freaking colors of the goddamn sky in Alaska. No wonder her runaway mother didn't let him name the first four boys. And no wonder she ditched on her husband.

Living in a male dominated home was not easy. Aurora was the only female in her house. She, being the artsy and bookish type, suffered throughout her whole life. Through the many years of pain and hate, she learned to defend herself against the brutal bodies of her brothers: kick them in the balls.

That was her ultimate defense.

And if that didn't work (which rarely happens), Aurora would shoot out her palm to smash into the delicate structure of the nose. Two brothers had been sped off to the hospital because of that secret attack and she didn't even get in trouble for it.

Aurora sighed as she continued to walk along the street, dragging the depressing shoulder bag from behind. One of her brothers, the cook, demanded that she take lunch to her father and the eldest brother, Richard, who was walking in the footsteps of their father.

"Freaking fag," Aurora sneered at the memory of the cook (the second eldest), desperately wishing that she threw the food he prepared at his face. "Why the hell do I have to do this? John and James were available!"

That wasn't really true. Her brothers John and James were at work. The twenty-one year old twins worked at a construction company. Though James was the out-doors type, he took the work inside of the office, contacting neighboring business to try and build a connection. John did the opposite. He would be outside all day in the sun and command his workers to the paradise of sweat, blood, tears and hell.

"Well, the fag himself should've taken the food." Aurora tried to make herself feel better. Even if Adam couldn't skip his culinary class, he shouldn't have made Aurora walk all the way to hell. She sighed heavily, pausing at the intersection of the street as she looked up at the sky. Her emerald eyes sparkled, taking an interest in a withered tree. The contrast of the light and the beautiful deep April sky made the devastated tree seem as if it were an object struggling in the depths of water. She immediately took out her cell phone, positioning to her accord and snapped a picture.

Satisfied, the art major student turned away and resumed her walk, taking another half an hour till she finally reached her personal hell.

"Here, we are," Aurora grimaced at the sight of the asylum before her.

There was no black and white picture or heavy, haunting aura that hung before her. There was no deep and dark demeanor the psychiatric hospital could possibly give off. It didn't have cobwebs hanging from the gates, nor a static crack when the speakers spoke at the entrance. The image portrayed by evil directors and paranoid children didn't exist at all. There was no patient running across the field, screaming bloody murder as he desperately fought for freedom. There was no sterilized group of men chasing, tackling and dragging him back to the psychiatric ward. It didn't look like a Cathartic old church.

The hospital Aurora's father had carefully built was the very opposite of all that. Around the asylum was thirty miles of green land (yeah, now you know why Aurora was so pissed), so she had to take the bus North near the rocky terrains (which took about a full hour), get off and walk an extra three miles in the middle of nowhere until she saw iron gates. At the gates there was a small car that would take her across the thirty miles of green mass to the entrance of the building.

The asylum was located away from the city, where scientists determined that the tranquility and silence would benefit the crazies. Aurora had to go through all this trouble in order to give her damn brother and father lunch. Her father had specially bought this land from the state, and he'd fought hard for it. Luckily, the state had given him this land off in the middle of nowhere so that they wouldn't have the city fight against their degree of law.

On the mass of green field were trees, bushes and random benches for the patients to sit on and enjoy the scenery. The psychiatric ward was built nicely, the structure matches the old college buildings back in the 1800's. The windows were bordered with thin white metallic plates so that the windows were opened only during certain times and to certain degrees. There were enough windows to cover all four floors and the tall, long, circular structure that perched on top of the building. The top of the building came up like a triangle, leaving the attic empty: due to Aurora's request.

There was a walkway that led to the huge, elegant doors. And in the middle of the walkway was a statue of a kneeling woman. The woman had her arms held in a circular arc. Her back was bowed as she looked up at the sky with an expression of hope and desire.

Her father had broken his back for three years in order to make his own psychiatric hospital: his dream.

"What a sick man." Aurora snorted as she was dropped off in front of the building. She jumped out of the car and faced her doom. Realizing that she couldn't get away from this, she reluctantly walked past the entrance. Rather than listening to the patient's insistent whispers, agonizing moans and psychotic laughter, Aurora plugged in her earphones, letting the music ravel through the enigmatic structure of the brain. The woman was practically blasting her eardrums away. She held the disposable bag in her hand and started walking through the grounds of the psychiatric hospital.

Crowded streets are cleared away

Her eyes darted to the iPod in her hands, checking the time: 12:43PM. She was a tad bit early to give the damn provisions to the doctor and his assistant. Aurora brushed away her dark brown hair from her eyes and looked at the corner she was about to turn.

There was nobody with her in the hallways, but she had been delivering food ever since high school and didn't need help. She had the freaking map in the back of her head.

One by one, hollow heroes separate

Right when Aurora made the turn, a body flew out of the double entrance door to the cafeteria, smacking into the opposite wall with a sickening crunch and landing on the marble ground a split second later. Her blood literally turned to ice as her eyes widened. Three seconds after that, people wearing white and blue gowns rushed through the door, all with crazed looks on their faces. Immediately, Aurora plastered herself against the wall, closing her eyes tight as she felt the brush of death brush against her cheek.

As they run, you're so cold

There was something wrong. Aurora didn't dare open her eyes, but the little part inside of her wanted to. The brush of death was supposed to be figuratively, not to a literal point that she can actually feel the death breathing against her face. Cautiously, she cracked her eyelids open and immediately regretted it.

Keep your hand in mine

There, standing merely half an inch away, was a man who she never met, but quickly come to recognize just with the crazed, abnormal look in his eyes: Orion.

He was a new patient her father had just admitted in his special hospital, desperate to help the 'poor, helpless young man'. There was a controversy that had happened just a couple hundred miles from where Aurora was standing. The city called numerous psychiatrists to see who was willing to accept this maniac into their infirmary. Everyone declined besides her father.

Orion was found, naked, wandering in the woods that were part of a national park. Many people called about the naked man, but no one ever found him. Until one day, the patrol rangers saw him with their own eyes in the city streets. It caused paranoia from residing neighbors, as they watched the unstable man fight with himself. When they had taken him to the hospital, three park rangers were on the way to the hospital for the lacerations Orion gave them. They had to tie him down onto a gurney because he kept struggling and attacking anyone who dared venture near him.

Wise men wonder while strong men die

He had no history, no family, no social security number and no identity. The closest information they got was his physical attributes and age: around the twenty-one years. It seemed as if he had just fallen out of the sky.

Her father, who wanted to help cure his demented mind, took in the poor, helpless boy when no one held out a hand. Throughout his stay at her father's asylum, he didn't act like a human being. He had the instincts of a wild animal, causing more problems to arise since Dr. Walker couldn't find anything to 'cure' the man of his insanity and his brought-up nature. There was nothing helpless from what she was looking at.

Show me how we'll end this, it's alright

The dark smudges that lie beneath his eyes were dark, causing his obsidian eyes to become smoky and lethal. The shadows played across his face, his lips curling in an angry manner, flashing his teeth at her as if he were an animal. Orion had a five o'clock shadow, whiskers giving his face a dark, menacing look. He gave off the true meaning of a beast. A snarled rippled through his chest. Even though Aurora couldn't hear it for the music blasting through her ears, she could feel the deadly action he, oh, so wanted to cause. Suddenly, his face darted closer to her neck, mouth open wide.

Show me how defenseless you really are

Aurora let out a scream, pitching the bag of food she had in her hands at the predator that resembled the demeanor of a serial killer. She ducked through his trap, her feet flashing through the marble floor as she sought for safety.

Satisfied an empty inside

The beast snarled, roaring in anger and rage as the edge of the box inside of the plastic, disposable bag sliced his forehead causing him to bleed. His nostrils flared as he ignored the trickle of blood, scenting the prey he was determined to catch and rip apart. He felt pricks at the back of his neck, arms and legs. Shaking them off like flies, he darted towards the woman who had just turned the corner.

"Goddamn it!" One doctor bent down and grabbed the tranquilizers that had just pierced through the man's skin. "The drugs don't work on him."

"You can't shoot anymore or you'll cause him to overdose on it." Another doctor ran from the opposite hallway, coming towards the commotion that has brought trouble. He turned away from his companions and grimaced. "Why did you shoot at him as if he was an animal? He's human, Ronald."

Ronald snorted, standing up as six 210 cc tranquilizers bounced in his hands. It was astronomical that he was still walking. "If he acts like an animal, he should be treated as one. When he wants to be seen as a human, he'll act like it, Richard."

Richard sighed heavily, rubbing his temples as he closed his eyes. "Where are the other patients?"

"They're taken care of. Every staff and doctor has managed to calm them down quickly. So, don't worry about them." Ronald placed the six bullets of tranquilizers in the pocket of his white lab coat, careful to avoid the sharp pricks. "Where's Dr. Walter?" He winced at the memory of Orion and 'his' prey.

"He's at his office, getting his papers ready to make the situation better with Orion. Though Dr. Baker wants this case, Dr. Walter will be sure to keep it out of his grimy hands." Richard glanced at the cafeteria and winced at the huge catastrophe. How can one man cause so much trouble? "Where's Orion?" Richard saw the panic in the man's eyes. "Well, hurry up, where is he?"

"The other staff members are after him…." Ronald paused, deciding whether or not he should deliver the news. "You see..." He stopped when he saw Richard bend down and pick up the disposable bag lying on the floor.

"This is Adam's box. He usually cooks food and stuffs it in here for whoever's at work." Richard mumbled, confused with the object.

"Orion is chasing Dr. Walter's daughter right now." Ronald spilled.

"What? Orion's chasing Dr. Walter's..." Richard gasped, his face turning dead white. "He's chasing my sister?" Out of the corner of Richard's eyes, he turned towards the window to see Aurora running through the plain green grass as quickly as she can. His hazel eyes were glued onto the woman who kept glancing over her shoulder to see the beast at her tail. "Aurora!" He banged on the window helplessly.

Aurora heard her name, but dared not turn her head. She continued to check behind her, making sure that the man wasn't a hair's-width away from her. But from this race she knew she was going to lose. She didn't have time to give one last promise to save her life.

Orion's dark eyes were pinned on the prey, snarling like a beast as he tackled her onto the floor. An animalistic growl rippled through his body as he clamped his teeth around her neck threateningly. His jaws instantly squeezed shut around her neck, the closed esophagus allowed no air. He growled as he felt the prey wiggle beneath him, hitting his body with it's weak power and strength. The corner of his lips curled upwards, relishing in the outcome of the chase.

He heard a whimper that sounded so familiar that his blood stopped flowing through his veins. He was utterly still, his eyes darting back and forth around him, searching for the source of the noise. Orion's head snapped to the left, causing the prey to whimper loudly.

Aurora didn't care what the hell she was doing. All she knew was that she needed to continue to live on. The pain that elicit due to Orion's teeth didn't lessen. When he jerked his head, she whimpered as if she were Courage, her cowardly pet Chihuahua, who tended to whimper when in trouble or in pain.

In order to communicate with an animal, why not act like one?

Orion ever so slowly released his teeth from her neck, pulling backwards, but never removing himself from above. His dark eyes narrowed, nostrils flaring to take in the scent of the human below. She gave off a tremendous amount of fear, giving the demon inside him more excitement and pleasure. His ears twitched when she whimpered once more. Confused, Orion slowly backed away, but never letting his tense muscles rest.

Aurora panted, unable to keep her breath in a steady rhythm. Her eyes were glued to the man who strayed, crouched just a foot away, glaring down at her with confusion as well as hatred. She had to think of something quick, something that would save her neck, her life from this animal.

What would Courage do in this case?

A flashback pierced through her. But Aurora hesitated, what if her actions as a dog didn't work? Her bones were paralyzed as well as her muscles.

A fearsome, feral snarl ripped from Orion's throat. It sent Aurora into immediate action.

She rolled onto her stomach, keeping her hands on the ground as well as next to her face. Though her neck was touching the soft grass, Aurora looked up at Orion fearfully, letting a whimper escape from her lips. The back was partially arched, submitting herself to the Alpha in this case.

Orion recognized this posture and slowly his growls diminished into nothing. Such confusion was throttling his brain. He stared down at the woman with such an intense gaze that she began to fidget. Who was this? What was she? Where did she come from?

As Orion continued to study Aurora, her muscles began to tense. Maybe if she was fast enough she'd be able to run through the psychiatric hospital once more and escape into one of the empty rooms. Aurora shot out a leg, getting ready to burst through the plain when an ugly growl erupted.

Orion tackled her onto the ground, hovering above her once more as his lips curled back, teeth flashing. Aurora cried out in shock, placing her hands over her mouth as silent tears cascaded down her cheeks. Her body was trembling, quivering, knowing that the expiration date was soon. She closed her eyes, terrified of feeling those wicked teeth against her fragile skin once more.

Was there anymore hope? Something much more intense than the submissive position she had already done?

Ever so slowly, Aurora, choking on her tears, brought up her arms and legs. She was careful to not make contact. She was on her back, curled up as if she were a dog on her back. Knowing that this was to be her last try, and possibly her last minute of life, Aurora bit down on her lip. Though she did not want to expose her throat, knowing that any second Orion could crush her larynx, Aurora tilted her head back. She closed her eyes, revealing the most vulnerable part of the body in the canine world. Quietly, she whimpered weakly.

Orion removed himself from above, crouching from the side. His face went straight to her neck. Aurora let out a cry of helplessness, expecting the worse.

But instead she heard some sniffing, and snuffles.

Orion stuck his nose into her hair, trying to grasp a scent of the weakling who was so submissive. His lips were still pulled back, teeth slightly separated just in case this intruder caused him mischief and attack. Orion couldn't smell anything suspicious. The submitting creature was paralyzed, no movement whatsoever. But that didn't stop Orion.

Aurora was on her back, lying foolishly as the man from above continued his search and seizure. What more can she do to get on his good side? Courage would usually lick Walter's face after punishment. Her heart stopped. She had to lick his face?

Her stomach churned.

Cautiously, her green eyes were open, taking in the image of Orion staring down at her: expressionless and emotionless. His eyes were like the abyss, empty and interminable. He was a mere five inches away, his concentration never straying.

She craned her head at the pace of a turtle, looking for any change in his facial expressions. When she drew closer to his face, his lip twitched and she went statue-still. After a minute of staying in such an uncomfortable position, Aurora once again closed in on his face. Her tongue stuck out and quickly licked his prickly cheek. She wanted to gag.

All of a sudden, Orion backed away from the fallen woman, staring at her with a dark look. Aurora didn't do anything but stay in her frozen position. She didn't even hear the nearing voices.

Dr. Walker stared in horror. His only daughter was lying on the grass, close enough to the psychotic man who had been brought in three months ago. Never had Orion caused an incident in his stay at the asylum. The man had been silent, still and unresponsive to everything in his surroundings until today. Something had caused the man to break out of his train of thoughts and Dr. Walker wasn't there to witness it.

"We have to get her, dad." Richard said. His face full of worry and concern. His hazel eyes were uncomfortable with the fact that his sister was just a few inches away from a person who could kill without a thought.

When the others drew near, Orion was instantly in a crouch, snarling at the intruders who dared to interrupt his meeting with the unknown creature. His upper lip curled threateningly, causing the doctors of the hospital to freeze in motion.

"Aurora!" Dr. Walker attempted for another step, but was quickly forced backwards when Orion drew closer. The old man paused, his lips tightly pressed.

In this case he didn't know what to do.

"Dad!" The woman jumped to her legs, running across the grass to dash into the embrace of her father.

At the corner of Orion's eye, he saw the woman-creature streaking past him. A ferocious growl sliced through the sky, and his body leapt forward. He crashed onto the woman, pinning her to the ground as he narrowed his eyes at the group in front of him. His palm was pressed hard against the small of her back. When one of the men moved a hand, Orion hovered over the fallen human.

"He's trying to protect her from us." Dr. Baker said, his voice quiet and low. In his eyes, Dr. Washington Baker found the exact thing to put this beast into a low, mild state when erupted into madness. Slowly, he took a step back.

Dr. Walker took notice of this. He turned around, an astonished expression on his face. "Dr. Baker?" Though Dr. Walter built this mental facility, Dr. Baker was the one who put most of the money into it. Thus, Dr. Baker held a higher standing than the meek Walter. "What are you doing?"

"He's my case now, Riley," Dr. Baker smiled, turning towards his best friend of thirteen years. "This is my case now. You don't have to see to it anymore."

"Washington, what are you talking about?" Dr. Walter narrowed his eyes. "My daughter is in his grasp. How can you think about this at such a crucial time?"

Dr. Baker took another step back until there was a good amount of space smacked in the middle. "What I'm saying is that I'm taking over Orion's file. You have taken three months to try and get something out of him. You got nothing. Now that I see a reaction when Orion has gotten in touch with your daughter, I see something. I will find everything." Washington smiled thinly at his best friend. "Riley, I need your daughter for this case."

Immediately, Riley shook his head. "You're talking about putting Aurora in danger? Washington, I'll never-"

An old feeble hand rose, silencing the man. "I have watched Aurora grow throughout the years, Riley. She's like a daughter to an old man like me. But she will be of major assistance to Orion's case. And she will not be hurt." Dr. Baker assured.

Dr. Walter shook his head. "I cannot do that-"

"Take some time to think about it. But you will have to give me an answer within three hours or else…" Dr. Baker didn't have the chance to finish his sentence. His words diminished away when his wide eyes took in the image of Aurora being dragged through the grass.

"No!" Aurora screamed as Orion held her around the waist, dragging her along the side of the psychiatric hospital. She kicked out her legs, intending to somehow wiggle out of Orion's grasp. It did no good. All the man did was hold tighter, his grip hurting like no other. She gasped when he picked her up, his arm still wrapped around her waist as she was placed against his side. Blood flowed down to her head, creating a dizzy-like sensation. But that didn't stop her from seeking freedom.

Her mouth was at his side, chomping. But the man didn't feel any pain. He did nothing but continue to walk. "Let me go!" She flailed her body around, kicking at his legs.

Orion snarled at the fight the woman was putting up. He threw her body over his shoulder, striding towards the asylum in a fast pace till he was running, sprinting through the marble halls. Orion dodged numerous objects, turned sharp corners and jumped around various people.

He was a beast, and there was nothing that could stop him.

Aurora let out a piercing scream when he turned one last sharp corner. She lifted her head, looking down the shaky corridor as four men in white, long coats ran after them. She recognized her father and brother despite the motion of gravity. Aurora extended her hand, screaming, "Daddy!"

She lost sight of them once Orion turned another corner. She felt her body bouncing, eyes taking in the shapes of stairs as he continued to speed through the narrow passage. Aurora felt like everything in her stomach lurched for freedom. She held tight onto Orion's side, finger nails plunging into his skin as she fought to control her stomach.

Suddenly, the ride lurched to the stop and Aurora was roughly released. She hissed as the floor smashed into her, groaning as she turned onto her back. Her hazel-green eyes took in the image of Orion searching the room. Slowly and quietly, she stood from the ground, holding her breath as her eyes were glued onto him.

Orion didn't bother turning, even if he did notice. His hand danced along the walls of the room he had found, feeling for a crack of some sort. Satisfied with his inspection, he turned to the female and snarled when she stood at her full height, threatened by her act of dominance.

Aurora immediately dropped to the ground when he let the snarl rip from his throat. She whimpered, her nose touching the wooden floor as he crept closer. As if satisfied, Orion turned to the door and closed it. He turned the locks to shut the outside world from his domain he had claimed. His dark eyes swerved to the woman on the floor, watching as she shivered under his gaze. Snorting, Orion grabbed Aurora by the back of her shirt and dragged her to the bed to the farthest corner of the room.

And she did nothing to fight back.

She had a feeling that if she lifted a finger to protest against his actions, doom will be impended. Silently, she allowed herself to be dragged even though the seam of the shirt was taut, pushing hard against the delicate skin of her neck. Once he reached the bed, he lifted her onto it and pushed her to the corner against the wall. Satisfied, Orion sat on the edge and stared at her with those hard, intense eyes of his.

Aurora did nothing but stare at the flowery pattern on the blankets. She recognized the place she was inside. At her request, there was an empty attic at the top of her father's infirmary. It was huge and resided at the tippy top of the asylum.

Tears started to fall down her cheek, plopping onto the fabric only to be soaked within. She didn't dare make a sound in fear of Orion. And she didn't dare look up at him, but eventually time made her move. Her face was soaked in tears, and she was deaf with the shouting beyond the door as she leaned forward, plopping against the blanket. Soon enough, the darkness shrouded her vision and she was gone.

Orion stared at the female until he was certain that she was in a deep sleep. He looked away from her to glare at the door. His ears twitched. He could still hear those foolish humans screaming out there. Their voices were ugly, whiny and thin, expected from a human; pathetic and weak. Ignoring them, Orion laid down on the bed with his new pack member next to him. It'd been far too long since he'd last seen his pack.

And it'd been far too long since he'd last been in one.

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