My Wolf Boy

"Without fear, we are able to see more clearly our connections to others. Without fear, we have more room for understanding and compassion. Without fear, we are truly free."

Thich Nhat Hanh

Chapter 17: Insular

There was nothing more uncomfortable than greeting your neighbors without a bunt cake in hand.

Aurora, who had faced her punishment earlier, stood there in a vast of lush green grass. She suspiciously glanced at her surroundings, folding her arms across her chest as if to ward all dangers away. An angry rumble went through her chest when one of the betas stepped too close for her liking; it was the one who tore at her ear.

He moved away.

With Gypsy following close behind, Aurora felt somewhat safer. Her eyes narrowed as she watched Orion and Shaun walking ahead of the small group, with the betas taking the sides. While Aurora and Gypsy were in the middle, the one Gypsy had gotten into a fussy fight with took the back.

Gypsy grinned, walking exotically in front of Smith teasingly.

Smith growled lowly, angrily. "Prosti-tote."

"I know I'm a prostitute, but I ain't no totting toddler." Gypsy grinned.

Aurora ignored the two exchanging heated words, concentrated on focusing upon the mansion where all hell had broken loose. Not only that, but her eyes continued to linger on Shaun.

He had spoken about her family.

He must know something.

Almost as if still alive, her heart jumped at the prospect of meeting her family once more. Inwardly, she scolded herself knowing it was a long shot to even think about meeting with her family. She dearly missed each and every one of them, including the Chihuahua. Aurora cleared her throat, folding her arms a bit tighter. Her throat clenched at nostalgic memories. Noticing she was lagging behind, Aurora quickly followed suit.

Shaun walked up the steps to the mansion. He placed his hand on the door and paused.

Orion growled lowly.

"Orion, I am opening my home to you," Shaun started, turning his head slightly over his shoulder. "Please understand that this pack is my family and I won't hesitate to kill you if you inflict injury upon my pack."

Said werewolf curled a lip in response.



Without wasting another second, Shaun opened the door and led everyone inside. Of course, the pack had heard the oncoming group and had quickly gathered in the living room, wary of the newcomers. Whispers started softly when Orion stepped through the door. At his strong glance, the talk diminished. Following closely behind was Aurora, who was feeling apprehensive and nervous to a point where Beast was making her call.

Aurora huddled at Orion's back, disgusted with herself but unable to control her animal side. Orion's hand passed through her thigh, comforting the nervous wolf.

But when Gypsy stepped through, all hell broke loose.

"What is the meaning of this?" A woman said, snarling at the sight of a stunned Gypsy. "Felines are not allowed within the domain, alpha!"

"She stinks!" An adolescent wolf complained, holding up his arm to his nose.

"Silence," Shaun said. "The jaguar is admitted into this den with the promise of safety and protection. Should any of you disobey or make a foolery of my promise, you shall answer to me."

The pack shifted nervously but made no disagreements.

"Another jaguar," a man scoffed.

At this, Gypsy's ear twitched. She turned to the man who was scowling at her and narrowed her eyes. "What did you say?" she questioned, slowly stalking him without realization. She ignored Orion when he snarled darkly at her actions. "Is there another jaguar you guys know?"

The male wolf sneered. "I don't answer to felines."

An intense fuse of anger lit within the young jaguar. Before Gypsy had a chance to even tear the motherfucker's face into pieces, Orion had stepped in. He snatched Gypsy by the neck and held her against his chest, pinning the fighting fury down. "Calm down," he ordered.

"I need to find him! I need to!" Gypsy yowled, her flashing eyes turning red for a split second as she fought against Orion. "I need to find him!"

Now, Aurora was getting anxious and nervous. She was wringing her hands, glancing this way and that as she felt the room closing around her small frame. Her breaths were coming short and suddenly everything was freaking her out as Gypsy continued to have her freakout. Just as Aurora was getting ready to burst out the window, a hand clasped onto her shoulder. With a gasp, her head shot up and she looked into Orion's eyes.

Simply with that, the humming ball of energy dwindled away.

A shaky breath of air escaped from her mouth. Aurora coughed and once again, crossed her arms over her shoulder, leaning her head on Orion's back for a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Orion turned to Shaun. "Where are we roomed?"

Shaun didn't even turn towards Orion as he was currently glaring at his pack with the intensity of the sun. " Go down the hallway. You'll find your room. Get yourself acquainted, but you, Orion, meet me in the room upstairs for a meeting." It was incorrigible the way his pack was treating the guests, and with that Shaun was going to give each and every one of them a good tongue lash.

Without a response, Orion walked away. He felt Aurora huddling behind him and nearly purred at the fact his mate was willingly touching him.

With Gypsy lax in his arms, Orion walked into the room easily and tossed her on the bed. She sprang off of it immediately and hissed. "What the fuck?"

"You will behave. Your behavior was atrocious." Orion commented.

"I don't give a flying fuck what you think, Orion! I need to find him!" She bared her teeth.

In a flash, Orion went flying towards the panther. He grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the wall, holding her high above his head. Ignoring the pelting feeling of her small hands and legs, Orion slammed her into the wall. Instantly, she went limp with submission.

"You will behave, panther."

Unmoved by her depressing aura, Orion placed her back on her feet. "You joined my pack voluntarily, panther. That does not mean I shall be lenient with you shall you go out of place. Now stay within the room and behave." He turned towards his mate and his nostrils flared. "Same to you. Stay within the room. Behave."

In other words, don't run.

A agonizing pregnant pause later, Orion left the room, closing the door behind him.

Aurora wobbled towards the bed, sitting on it. " family," she started.

"Don't think too much of it," Gypsy sneered, a bit sensitive from Orion's treatment of her. "It'll only bring you pain. There's no reason Orion will bring you close to them since he's a possessive bastard." Flicking her claws about, Gypsy started scratching at the wooden drawer, releasing the mounting frustration within her.

"B-but they know of my family! They could do something about it!" Aurora whispered feverishly. Her mind was now whirling about the possibilities of joining her family once more, escaping the lunatic that created her life into a living hell. But then...but then how could she escape him?

Her hands went lax and her body slumped against the quilted bed.

How in the world could Aurora escape him when her past failures only worsened things between the two. Not that she could giving a care about it, but the demon inside her was now feeding off of Orion like a leech; depending on his every move and emotion to live.

Aurora whimpered, her soul crying for two separate reasons: one couldn't live without her family and the other couldn't live without Orion.

"There is no escape," she whispered lowly.

Gypsy sighed and stopped mauling the now destroyed wooden furniture. The young teen hopped onto the bed and cuddled against Aurora's back, feeling that the woman needed comfort of any kind. "There is," Gypsy mumbled, rubbing her face against the span of her back. "We just need to be patient and understand."

Before Aurora could question her, there was a knock.

The door opened and a young teenager (a bit younger than Gypsy) stepped inside.

"H-hello," she stuttered, wiping her sweaty palms against her white summer dress. "There is breakfast prepared in the hall if you wish to eat." The she-wolf cleared her throat, blushing prettily. "Alpha Shaun mentioned that you've just awoken recently. It would be best to join us, t-that is if you wish!" she squeaked embarrassingly before widening the entrance to the hall.

Aurora sighed and stood. The painful knots of her stomach was unbearable. "Let's go, Gypsy."

Gypsy, who was still sensitive with the pack's treatment towards her breed, hissed. A low yowl rose from her throat as unpleasant thoughts arose from her.

"Now, Gypsy. Let us go."

The command from the alpha bitch was too strong to ignore.

Gypsy stood and followed Aurora closely.

The pack, who had just received a very severe lecture from their alpha, showed no aggression or attention to the feline. Those who were strongly against housing the feline ignored her all together while the younger ones stared with curiosity.

Both Aurora and Gypsy were seated in the middle of the long table. Empty plates were placed before them and utensil to their sides.

"F-feel free to serve yourself," the she-wolf said lowly before disappearing.

Before them was a bowl of scrambled eggs and a plate stacked with apple-wood smoked bacon. A jug of perspiring orange juice and rolls of bread were there as well. It was the type of all American breakfast. Something Aurora's brother would create and serve the family.

Aurora reached towards the tong, which was solely used for the bacon, when someone sitting before her snarled menacingly.

"Goddammit, someone get this panther out of my sight!" Smith bellowed, unconsciously placing his hand at the burning itching scratch he received from the young kitten an hour ago.

A huge smile spread over Gypsy's face. If she had been in her feline form, her tail would've been swaying from side to side in hidden delight. "Awww, is a small kitty scratch bothering you, Smith?" Her lips puckered in false pity as she clicked her tongue. "I'm sorry. Would you like for me to..." She stood up from her seat, leaning forward so that her petite body was posed seductively for the middle-aged man. "...heal that for you?" A pink tongue flicked out and licked her lips.

Smith snarled and clenched his fork in hand hard. "Stay away from me, you tramp."


"No. I'm fighting with myself to not rip your throat out."

"Sounds kinky."

Smith sneered at the young panther before standing up abruptly and leaving the table.

Gypsy cackled as she watched Smith leave the table. She turned her leering eyes to the other wolves at the table and flashed a fang. "Anyone else wants something from me?" A smile spread across her face at the looks of uncomfortable teenagers and judging adults. With that said, Gypsy sat down and began to serve herself a King's meal with glee.

And while that was happening, the discussions between the alphas was becoming heated.

Shaun leaned forward, pressing his elbows into the flesh of his knees as he stared at Orion.

"How do you I know it? Jesus, Orion, it's everywhere."

Orion doesn't remember anything from the beginning of his wake. He was humanely conscious about his consciousness when he recognized and beat the wolf. As soon as he had awakened from his temporary eternal slumber, his beast had arose and took the control of both mind and body in order to survive. It had been a hellish experience from how Orion felt himself reacting to the new world. There were many things that surprised him, many things that aimed to harm him.

When he had been captured and pitched into the asylum, his beast had gone mad.

Shaun picked up a weathered newspaper from the side and slid it towards Orion. He pointed to the eerily familiar building. "We are brothers, Orion. We've fought, dined, and even conversed about many topics. I knew you were alive when the news of your appearance hit national television. Though it was a story that was reported for a few days, Shaun had relentlessly investigated every small detail.

"Where were you?" Orion's lip curled. He pushed away the newspaper. "Where were you then?"

"Orion," Shaun snapped. "...the new world is different. I cannot simply waltzed into the building and extract you from it. There are new laws and regulations. There are new punishments, weak or severe, that could have attracted too much attention to my pack. And I will not risk the exposure of the pack, Orion. I will refrain myself from everything in order to keep ourselves a secret."

"Even if it were me?"

"Even if it were you." Shaun finished. He held Orion's gaze deep until the male leaned back in his chair. His demeanor relaxed a slight bit as if he understood where Shaun was coming from.

Orion closed his eyes and gazed off to the side. He watched the trees sway in the wind gently. "I know, Shaun. I know," he simply said. "This new too complicated, too difficult."

"I know, but I am here now." Shaun pulled the newspaper and stored it away. "I am here and my pack can help you and your mate adjust. But," he started, clearing his throat. The old man's eyes hardened as he could see the outline of Orion's body stiffen. "Now we must talk about your mate."

A rumble echoed through Orion's chest. "What of her?"

"You know where I'm going." Shaun retrieved another manilla folder from his file organizer. He placed it on the desk and opened the file. Squinting, Shaun spread the papers across the desk before he got what he was looking for. "This is Aurora's family," he said, placing a copy of the family photograph in front of Orion.

The male refused to look at it. "I am her family. She is my mate."

"Orion," Shaun snarled. "You realize we are in the twenty-first century! You cannot keep going along like this longer. Your mate deserves the comfort of her family." Closing his eyes, Shaun breathed out slowly as he tried to understand where Orion was coming from. "Look, I know that you've claimed your mate, but understand that you've transformed a human into a werewolf, Orion."

"She was a werewolf! She's always been!"

"No, she hasn't!" Shaun slammed his hand on the table. "Aurora was a human girl living in Arizona, Orion! You've kidnapped her from her family and forced her into this world she had no knowledge of!" Shaun closed his fist, turning his head to the side and ignored Orin's deep growls. "You must listen. This is your mate, and I know it isn't any of my business, but if I'm going to help you, Orion, I must help your mate as well. I...I want the best for the both of you."

"I know you do, Sirius, but my mate is mine. Not yours."

"I don't want your mate. I want to help her and you."

Orion's growls didn't diminish. "She's mine. You have nothing to do with her."

Shaun frowned. "I do if you wish for help."

"Then leave her out of it." Orion leaned forward. "She is my mate. She is mine to take care of. She is my responsibility: mine. Do not tell me what to do. Your words mean nothing to me."

"It does to her. She needs help, Orion. Your mating has done damage."

"She has no damage."

"She needs help."

"She needs nothing from you!"

"She needs a pack. And so do you." Shaun clenched his trembling hands, suppressing the rage and massive grown mass of irritation within him. "The female needs help. This has nothing between me treading within what's yours. You need to understand that if you refuse my extended help towards your mate, you must understand that I shall reject you from my welcoming to the pack. And with that, I shall call the human authorities to deal with your mate while the supernatural authorities of this world deal with you. They will lock you up within a crueler asylum you had been, and they will separate you from your mate. This is not a threat, this is the truth."

Shaun slowly extended his fingers outwards from his clenched fist. "I wish to help you, Orion. This world is different, as I had previously said. You need my help and she needs mine as well."

Orion's chest was heaving with anger. He glared at Shaun as his nostrils flared angrily. "She is mine."

"I know. You've only repeated it for the past three hundred times. She is yours, but she needs help."

The dark male snarled and shifted to the side. He glanced at Shaun, his eyes narrowing for any sight of betrayal or decisiveness upon his face and found none. With a rumbling growl, he tilted his head upwards slight and huffed, "She is mine."

Shaun relaxed. In those words, there was a slight sound of acceptance. And in that, he found that he was given permission to tend to the young woman.

There was a quiet knock to the door.

"Come in," Shaun called.

An elder female wolf opened the door. "She is here, alpha."

"Bring her in."

Aurora, who had been led away from the dining hall, followed a calm elderly woman. Astrid, the elder woman, had lead her through a weave of hallways, allowing the young woman to look around curiously. Her artistic side peeked out as there were beautiful painted pictures perched on the walls. They were all signed by Kobayashi Aki.

"Go inside," the elder woman ushered.

Without thinking, Aurora stepped through. She immediately halted when she saw Shaun and Orion sitting upon the furniture of the private office room. And her body stiffened at the unease aura of Orion.

"Come, come," Shaun said.

Ever so slowly, she stepped inside. Aurora flinched harshly when the door softly closed behind her. Letting out a small whimper of discomfort (not by choice), Aurora made way to Orion. She sat down a good distance from him and stared at Shaun stiffly.

Shaun watched as the young woman sat a good three feet away from Orion. Knowing well that the beast within the girl was easing some amounts of stress and fear within her, Shaun knew that the animal within her couldn't clear all of it. As a human, Aurora Walker, wasn't given the best of choices in this supernatural world.

"Aurora," Shaun started. "As you already know, my name is Shaun, and I am the alpha of this wolf pack residing in Montana. Now," he said, glancing at Orion before turning his full attention to the girl. "I am well aware that you have had no prior knowledge of the supernatural world's existence up until a few months ago, am I correct?"

Aurora nodded jerkingly.

Shaun hummed. "I wish to tell you everything that you may have questions about."

"That'd be a good start." Aurora took a peek at Orion to see him staring out the window of the office. She bit her lip down, pinching herself when she almost asked for permission.

She needs nothing from him.

Absolutely nothing.

As Shaun spoke, Aurora learned a lot of things.

First of all, Orion was a werewolf. A very special werewolf from what Shaun said. Born during the 1300s in Great Britain, Orion and Shaun had both been within the same wolf clan. And during those times, as Aurora had learned in Western Civilization, not a large portion of laws that exist today existed at those times.

Shaun stressed that women were seen as property.

And with wolves, they were seen the same way.

"Much like neanderthals, which I'm hesitant to compare ourselves with, ancient werewolves chose their mates rather caveman-like."

There was no such thing as love, or as pleasure when it came to rutting with a female. Back then, there were numerous amounts of women, female wolves, to choose from. And when it came to choosing a lifetime mate, it only mattered that she was strong and that she could bear more than five pups. Females were chosen to birth and to please, nothing more and nothing less.

Now because, Orion had been frozen (much like Han Solo), his beast was much more desperate for a female, for a mate.

He chose the only available female within the area. The years of being in solitary confinement, Orion's beast was thrown into insanity. Wholly depending on instincts and animalistic behavior, Orion was forced to become animal-like in order to mate and release the centuries of suppressed urges within a span of a week. And sadly, Aurora had been the lucky woman to be chosen from within the area.

Because Orion's beast had been aggressive and dominant, it saw Aurora's struggle as disobedience.

"That's no excuse!" Aurora said weakly, sobbing as she remembered those wretched days. "That is no excuse for what he has done to me!"

"I know, I know," Shaun merely said.

Because Orion had chosen Aurora as his mate, he had also made her just as equally as powerful as he is. He injected a chemical that is produced by the male wolf's body as a last minute resort when it came to mating. In order to continue the line of ancient werewolves, Orion changed her into one as well.

"Orion, You, John and I are the last of lupus versipellis."

"John?" A picture of the man who had caused her bloodied ear went through her mind.

"Yes, he is my son."

Just as Shaun was about to venture on another topic, there was a knock on the door. An exasperated look was on his face. "I thought I had enough time, but I suppose not. Just a minute!" he called out. "Now, I know that I haven't gone through enough with you, Aurora, but I know the perfect person to pair you with to help you with the transition. Her name is Molly, and she has had similar transformations as you had. Now, her husband, can be paired with you, Orion. He is just as brash and mean-spirited as you."

"Why? I'm perfectly fine." Orion glared at him.

"No, you need someone to help you adapt to the modern world." Shaun sniffled. Just as Wulf was forced to learn his human side for Molly, Orion would do the same. It would be a very difficult track for him to follow, but it would be best for Orion to be a sense.

The two would be great for this pair.

And while that was happening, Shaun would think up of a strategy to come in contact with the Walkers.

"Come in!"

The door was thrown open and in came Wulf. His blue eyes went straight to Shaun, ignoring the two on the couch. "What do you need? I'm fucking busy, Shaun."

A sharp slap came from Molly. "Don't talk to him that way, Wulf!" She glared at Wulf, who sighed and rolled his eyes. "Good boy."

"...You make me sound like a fucking dog."

"And stop cursing! I can't get Elle to stop cursing!"

Actually looking a tad bit guilty, Wulf forced himself to shush. He glanced at the two on the couch and was immediately challenged by the dark-haired wolf. "Relax, shithead, I'm not takin' yer girl."


"Wulf, Molly," Shaun greeted. "This is Orion and Aurora. They're going to need some help adjusting to their new lives. Molly, I'm sure you can smell the scent coming from Aurora. She is a new wolf, and she's going to need guidance. Wulf, this is Orion. He's been," he paused. "He's been stuck in the old times. Why don't you show him how the modern world is like?"

"Fuck no."

"Goddammit, Wulf!" Molly growled. "Why are you so hostile?"

Wulf was flabberghasted. "Me, hostile? Look at that prick over there! He's already trying to dominate your mate, Molly! What the hell am I supposed to do? Roll over? Fuck no! I ain't going to be showin' him around nowhere if I ain't getting respect from him."

All eyes went to Orion.

He bared his teeth. His dark eyes went to Shaun, who was looking at Aurora.

And Aurora was looking at him with a worrisome expression.

Swallowing his pride, Orion nodded. "Show me."

"Show me, please," Wulf corrected.

Orion snarled.

Wulf sighed and turned heel. "Asswipe, ain't got no manners, Molly. Let's hope his bitch has better manners."

In less than a millisecond, Orion was across the room and in a scruff with Wulf.

"Goddammit, Wulf!"

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