My Wolf Boy

"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance."

Nathaniel Branden

Chapter 18: Acquiescence

Aurora was unsure of how to feel about Molly.

There was something wrong with her scent, her body language, and the way she portrayed herself to Aurora. At times, Aurora couldn't help but feel insulted by the woman-wolf. More than once she found herself curling her lips, flashing some teeth to try and get Molly to bow down, be submissive. The hybrid merely turned around and casually walked away.

It was insulting and Aurora couldn't figure out why.

It was driving Beast crazy.

Control her! Control her!

"Gotta get it together," Aurora muttered to herself, following Molly through the thickets of the woods. And even though she's been traveling on foot through sand, river, forest, and cities (for god knows how long now), it didn't mean she was used to it.

She snarled when she tripped over a rock and a branch slapped her in the face.

Fuck nature!

After the discussion with Shaun, both Orion and Aurora were separated; one going with Wulf and the other with Molly. And boy that was not easy. Immediately, Orion had felt threatened being separated from his mate, showing teeth and growling at the thought of them taking Aurora away and possibly harmed. It had taken nearly a full day for it to happen, and it wasn't by choice.

"Where are we going?" Aurora asked, uneasy about the slightly older woman.

Molly didn't answer and continued to trek through the woods.

Annoyed, Aurora grunted. How dare this youngling treat her like so?

"Here we are!" Molly crowed.

The weather was beautiful. Even though the sun was at its highest point, it gently warmed Mother Earth with its nutritious rays; the wind gently caressed the leaves, grass, and people. The green field was lush and wide open with space. It made Aurora uneasy.

Molly hummed as she walked to the middle of the field. She nodded and plopped down, lifting her face to Aurora who looked highly uncomfortable. The young woman had her face ducked down, glancing from side to side warily, almost as if expecting an invasion of some sort. Molly frowned. "You can sit down, you know."

Aurora stood there for a while before deciding to sit down. She pulled down her long sleeves to cover her hands, pulling down on the basketball shorts she was given to cover her knees. "So, what are we doing?"

"We're just going to do some simple meditation."


Molly adjusted herself, crossing her legs and straightening her back. She closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply, holding her in breath until she felt her chest quivering for release. Slowly, she released the trapped air, feeling her muscles slightly relaxing and her mind lifting. "We're going to be doing some simple meditation to try and clear the mind," she said slowly.

Meditating was something that helped Molly through the situation she had been. There were times where her wolf completely dominated her senses, forcing the woman to act animalistic and out of animal behavior. It even came to a point where she was protecting her pups from Wulf, forcing her husband to seek shelter elsewhere for a good three days before attempting to come back home. Meditation gave her the control she needed, and she was hoping it'd work for Aurora.

The blond woman frowned. "I don't know anything about meditation."

"It's all about clearing the mind," Molly said softly. "Cross your legs and straighten your back. Just concentrate on your breathing first."

Aurora frowned before following the instructions.

Control! Control!

Ignoring the voice resonating deep inside of her, Aurora leaned her head from side to side, cracking her neck and stretching the muscles down her spine. She inhaled a deep breath as Molly had done and sat there silently.

It was painfully boring.

It's already been ten minutes and Aurora can already feel her buttocks becoming numb. She growled, annoyed, adjusted herself and continued breathing. Another ten minutes had gone by and Aurora threw herself to her side, laying down on the ground with a scoff.

"I can't do this. This is so boring."

Molly tilted her head down at Aurora, watching the young woman turn onto her back, soaking up the warm rays of the sun. "You have to clear your mind."

"How the hell can I clear my mind?" Aurora laughed sarcastically, turning her leafy green eyes to meet Molly's brown ones. "How the hell can I clear my mind, when all I'm thinking about is my family and this kidnapping spree I've been a part of? How can I clear my mind when I have this little voice inside of me, this wretched wolf thing inside of me begging to conquer and control? I can't clear my mind! This voice is driving me insane!" Aurora snarled ugly, line crawling over the bridge of her nose with ferocity. In a moment of anger and frustration, she grabbed a tuft of grass and ripped it out of the ground, throwing it away from her.

The blades of grass slowly fell to the ground.

"Damn, the poor grass didn't deserve that."

Both Aurora and Molly yelped, jumping into the air and quickly turned around to see Gypsy there, lounging on a log nearby as if she's been there the whole time.

"What are you doing here?" Aurora blinked owlishly.

Gypsy yawned, stretching her little toes out and curling them in. The sun was making her feel comfortably lazy. Yesterday, Orion had demanded Gypsy to follow Aurora no matter what. It seemed like he already had an inkling that they were going to be separated today. Lo and behold, they were.

"You know why, Aurora. Orion wants to make sure that you'd be well protected." Gypsy's eyes twinkled as she looked at Molly untrustingly.

"She is well protected." Molly narrowed her eyes slightly at Gypsy.

"His words, not mine." Gypsy jumped off of the log and trotted towards them. She plopped on her behind and snuggled down. "So, what the hell is about this meditation shit?"

Molly groaned, rolling her eyes as she felt like a mini-Wulf just sat next to them. "Meditation will help the mind, heart, and body. It will help Aurora control her anxiety, reduce stress, and even help her with her wolf side."

"I don't want anything to do with my wolf side." Aurora snapped, crossing her arms over her chest. "I don't want it."

"You need to accept your wolf, Aurora," Molly said, trying to place a hand on her knee. "If you don't, it'll drive you insane."

"I don't care!" Aurora slapped Molly's hand away. "I never asked for this! I don't want to be a wolf!"

Gypsy groaned in exasperation. "Jesus Christ! You're still fighting about that? When the fuck will you realize you've always been a wolf!"

"I was never a wolf!"

"Okay, guys, c'mon, let's calm down!"

"You are a wolf!"

"No, I was human!"



"Stop yelling!"

The two girls mumbled to themselves before quietening down, turning their faces away from each other. Molly sighed, thinking about how much work was going to need to be put in for Aurora. Just as she was about to speak, Aurora started sobbing.

"Why? Why do I have to put any work into this when I was the one who was taken from my family?" Aurora violently wiped away at her nose with her sleeve, bringing her eyes up to glare at Molly. "He was the one who did this to me! He took me away from my family and made me into some type of freak! I was normal! I was just starting college, trying to figure out my future, my life, when all of a sudden this shit started!"

Aurora cried, feeling anguish. She mourned for her life prior to the wolf change, knowing that nothing was going to be normal from now on.

"I had a future, I had dreams! I should've grown up, met a man I loved, and have a happy family!" She continued crying, pressing a hand against her chest as she felt agony and torment enveloping her heart. "None of this should've happened! Werewolves shouldn't even exist!"

Gypsy rolled her eyes and shook her head. Though she wanted to throw some sarcasm and ugly truth to Aurora, there was no way Gypsy could ignore the pain that was emitting from Aurora.

Molly sighed; she scooted closer to the young girl and hesitantly tried to put her arms around Aurora.

Almost as if glad to feel human contact, Aurora threw herself into Molly's arms and wept like a small child. She pressed her face against Molly's chest and cried.

This was definitely going to take more than a few weeks.

It wasn't going easy on the other side either.

Wulf had Smith and John with him to help with Orion. Even though originally, it was supposed to be solely Wulf to help with Orion, when he was separated from Aurora, he became too strong and unstable to handle.

"Alright, asshole," Wulf sneered, watching as Orion glared at him. "Wipe that look off your face, I'm here to fucking help your sorry ass adapt to the world."

Orion's lip curled threateningly.

"Jesus Christ, do you want him to attack you?" Smith whispered to Wulf, warily watching the Lupus Versipellis with caution. His forehead was perspiring with sweat, forcing the man to wipe it every so often as nervousness engulfed his body. There was something so eerie about this man that made Smith cower away.

"What else should I do? The fucker needs to learn."

"Maybe do it a bit more gently?"

"What should I have him do? Meditation? Jesus Christ, where's your balls, man?" Wulf sneered at the thought of meditation, unable to believe how Molly was so dependent on it. That shit never worked with her! He would be forced to bunk with his cousins or even sleep in the woods until she was in control of her other side at times. It was a nightmare!

"Why are we doing this?" Orion asked.

"You know why, wise ass." Wulf turned away from Orion and gestured him to take a seat at the table. "Sit down so we can get this over with and modernize your ass."

Currently, the group was at the small house close to Shaun's pack mansion; the one where Aurora and Orion were currently residing. It irked Orion to have a group within his small territory, feeling threatened and uncomfortable that these unwelcomed guests were sitting so comfortably on the couch.

He turned away from the group and leaned up against the wall, giving Wulf a dead pan look.

Wulf sneered, pulling back the seat and sitting at the table. He raised his feet to plop them on the corner of the table when he noticed Orion flashing his teeth. "Alright, Jesus, calm the fuck down."

Orion narrowed his eyes at him.

Smith groaned in frustrating. "Goddammit, Wulf, you're not doing anything to help."

"Oh, what, am I supposed to have a handbook to help a fucking ancient werewolf to be a normal citizen?"

"Oh, sorry, I thought you usually had a handbook to help psychopaths act normal on hand." Smith sneered. "Cause isn't that what you read from time to time?"

John sighed. "C'mon guys, we're not here to fight, we're here to help."

"Well, why don't you start first, you fucking fairy." Wulf crossed his arms over his chest.

John rolled his eyes at Wulf's rudeness and warily glanced at Orion.

The werewolf leaned against the empty corner of the room, almost like he wasn't willing to show anyone his back and offer them a chance at him. He was menacingly looking, almost lazily looking between all three of them with a face of indifference, but his body posture told everyone else something different. His arms were at his sides, motionless, but every now and then you could see his muscles rippling beneath the skin, almost as if preparing to attack at anything that comes his way. His eyes, though half-lidded were definitely calculating certain opportunities of attack.

It was almost as if they had him cornered in his own home.

"Well," John started. "My father had mentioned that Orion comes from a medieval time. So, why don't we start there? We can explain the difference between back three hundred years ago to now."

"Fine, I'll start first." Wulf brought his feet down from the table, and leaned towards Orion. "No raping."

Orion growled lowly, threateningly. "If you are regarding towards my mate, it is my right to treat her in any way I wish."

"Not here, kiddo." Wulf ignored Orion's growls. "You beat a woman, any woman here, your ass is grass; and sometimes it's by that same woman."

Smith rolled his eyes. "Woman fought for their rights for many years, and even now, they still suffer under the abuse of men."

"It's not abuse. She's my mate."

John frowned. "But why touch her in an act of violence?"

It wasn't any of their business. It's none of their business. There was no reason why Orion had to response to these questions. Though Shaun demanded Orion to adapt to these times, Orion felt it was too intrusive for him. Should he even speak about how his mate does not listen to his word and does not obey his word, it would be an exposure of weakness. If you have no control, you have no power. "It is my right," he merely said.

Wulf stood up from his chair, allowing it to scrap harshly against the wooden floor. He ignored Orion's posture of defense, and threw his hands up in the air in frustrating. "It's like talking to a fucking wall!"

"Goddammit, Wulf, where is your patience?" Smith asked, pinching the bridge of his nose as he felt an impending headache coming his way.

"I got no patience. The only small string of patience I have is saved for Molly and the pups! Not for this fucktard!"

"I don't need help. I'm fine on my own."

"Uh, yeah, sure. If you were, Shaun of the Dead over there wouldn't be asking us to try and update you on the world."

"Okay, everybody, calm down!" John raised his voice and hands, showing Orion that he meant no harm in yelling. "Orion, don't you want your pack to be calm? Don't you want them protected in his modern world? How do you think you're going to get far into this world, when you've caught so much attention at your escape and traveling?"

Orion's lips thinned. The boy was right.

This world was too different to try and survive in his old ways. He'd need to adapt to try and live in this modern world peacefully and draw less attention to himself. God knows there were people spreading his image everywhere with the things he had done.

He looked at the boy, Shaun's boy, and nodded. "You have a point." Orion pushed himself away from the wall and stood up to his full height, making the other two men stand up in alarm. He walked towards John, smelling his fear and anxiousness, and slowly brought his arm up. "I will try and familiarize myself with this new world, and I will try and adjust to the needs of the pack."

John smiled and nodded. "We will help you get there." John reached out and grabbed his arm, both of them shaking to this agreement as if by the olden world. This handshake was a pact, an agreement of brotherhood that cannot be broken.

"Did the world just end?" Wulf asked.

Smith threw his hands up in the air. "Jesus Christ, Wulf, you're going to ruin everything!"

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