The elevator doors opened with a ding and the girls walked out silently. Lucy was going through the mail and Rae was checking the pockets on her jeans and her messenger bag.

"Did you loose your keys again?" Lucy continued to go through the mail.

"I didn't loose them." Rae disagreed "I just can't remember when was the last time I saw them." she added running a hand through her light brown hair merely out of habit, since it was pulled up in a ponytail.

Lucy rolled her blue eyes with a chuckle "What would you do without me?" she quickly found her key in her purse.

"Well... pick the lock, put the door down or wait for you to get home." Rae shrugged.

The girls exchanged a look when they noticed the lights were on.

"I'll scream, you'll do the butt whooping." Lucy whispered.

Rae nodded and watched as Lucy unlocked the door.

After being screamed at and punched, Ben tried to tell them it was just him.

"Ow!" he complained after Rae hit him again "What was that for?"

"Scaring the hell out of us. What were you thinking?" Rae glared.

"That you girls would come home tired after a hard day at work and that it would be very nice to have some decent food waiting for you."

Lucy raised an eyebrow "What do you want?"

"Excuse me?!" Ben asked outraged.

"You heard me."

"Do I have to want something in order to do something nice for my sister and her best friend?"

"That's normally how it works." Rae nodded.

"You're the worst sister on the planet." Ben rolled his brown eyes.

"You didn't answer my question." Lucy pointed out.

"My place is being fumigated."

"You're sleeping on the couch." Rae stated.

Lucy turned her head to fast her red curls were flying "What?"

"Come on, I can't kick him out." Rae shrugged.

"Don't I have a say in this?" Lucy asked.

"What would you like to say about it?" Ben teased.

Lucy rolled her eyes. No doubt Ben and Rae were related. "Behave." she couldn't help smirking.

"So, are you guys hungry?"

Rae and Lucy grinned.

"Stupid question, really." Ben followed them to the kitchen island.

"You're my favorite brother." Rae smiled looking up from the Italian rice salad for a second.

"Weren't you trying to kick my ass five minutes ago?" Ben crossed his arms.

"You broke into our place." Lucy pointed out.

"Technically, I didn't."

"We really have to move the spare key." Rae told Lucy.