Lucy was sitting on the couch, cross-legged, trying to focus on what was on TV while she waited, but focusing was so difficult she didn't even know what she was (supposedly) watching.

What exactly should she tell Ben once he arrived? Sure, he had kissed her cheek and hugged her, but those aren't promises of happy endings, those are merely promises of making amends.

Which, of course, she wanted. They hadn't spoken to each other in three weeks. But Lucy would be lying if she said making amends was all she wanted. She had told herself over and over she didn't expect anything, but Lucy couldn't stop her heart from hoping.

She was so busy thinking she didn't notice when the lock clicked due to the key.


She jumped from the couch and hugged him.

"I missed you too in the past three hours." Ben teased.

"It's actually been three weeks." Lucy corrected "And two and a half days."

"I know." he tightened his hold around her "Worst three weeks and two and a half days of my life." Ben sighed into her hair.

"Really?" Lucy pulled back just enough to see him.

He nodded.

"Ben, I just -" Lucy was interrupted by Ben's lips on hers.

He pulled her closer as one of her hands traveled from his shoulder to the back of his neck and the other found a resting spot on his chest. Their lips moved slowly and gently over each other's ones. It felt as if the rest of the universe didn't really matter and maybe that was what Sleeping Beauty had felt when she was dancing on the clouds with Prince Phillip.

Ben pulled apart slowly, as he felt his knees might give in.

"You talked at the restaurant, so I guess it's my turn now." he swallowed hard trying to find the right words.

Lucy waited as her heart hammered in her chest.

"I was afraid you'd marry him" Ben said "because I'm in love with you and -"

Lucy kissed him.

"I guess it was my turn to interrupt." she teased after a moment and felt Ben smiling against her lips before kissing her again. It was teasing and playful and she felt bubbly with joy.

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