I sat on the moss-covered boulder, arms wrapped around my knees, lower, secondary set of wings trailing gently in the running stream surrounding my mossy perch. My upper wings were wrapped around my body, surrounding me in a comforting, teal blanket, the small delicate feathers near my shoulders tickling my face with their downy fluff.

I tilted my face to the sky as the daylight faded, the holy, opalescent glow receding back into the center of the City, allowing the stars to slowly sparkle into view above the tree line. The fiery shades above gently muted into pastel, then dimmed to the comforting glow of a flickering candle, glimmering and reflecting off the many gleaming towers, even the far-off mountains. Even in the night, His fire still burned, the Presence comforting and reassuring to us all.

And so I sat there, watching the stars come out...waiting for him; Remiel, my beloved. I wondered what today had been like for him, whom he had passed on to Judgment and an eternity Without, and whom he had guided lovingly into Grace. A hard job, in my opinion...separating the condemned from the blessed.

Finally, he came into view, stepping silently through the trees, all six pearlescent wings twitching in love and welcoming, his face lined with its usual mixture of pride and sorrow. His sword glimmered darkly in his right hand, point towards the ground; somehow it seemed heavy, full of sadness. My eyes slowly traveled back from the sword to his face, holding his gaze with mine. "Were there many today?" I asked quietly, voice almost breaking. He said nothing, but there was no need for words...his eyes said it all: yes...many were sent There today...Sheathing his sword along his back, he sighed heavily, his gaze dropping to the ground.

My heart weeping for the lost ones of the day, I rose from my seat and went gently into his arms, allowing him to enfold my smaller frame with his strong arms and wings, and rested my head upon his chest. I tilted my head up, brushing his face gently with my fingers and gently guiding his eyes back to mine. "But some came Here, love, remember that. Some chose Him. Please...don't dwell on the sorrows...remember the good."

He sighed and his chin came to rest atop my head. "I know, love, I know. I try. It's just so hard sometimes, seeing so many refuse Him, even at the end...knowing they chose that path and refused to be guided to His light."

Hearing this, I snaked my arms out from his sheltering wings to wrap them around his back in a gentle embrace. "Let's go to the cliffs, Remiel, and watch the stars. Let Him take away all the troubles and cares of the long day."

He nodded slightly, chin gently bumping against my hair, flaring his wings back to allow me to step from their softly glowing cage, and wrapping one arm around my waist.

We began to walk, and I allowed my bare feet to trail through the soft, cool grass, the smell of rich earth and life drifting upwards from the ground. The gentle, sweet Song of Night floated to us on a warm summer's breeze from the City, and unable to contain myself, I joined in, tilting my head up to the sky in praise, and willing my voice to carry back to my brothers and sisters...and more importantly, to Him.

Remiel smiled down at me, his face shining as he listened to the Song, and although his voice remained silent, I could feel his heart quietly joining in our melody. He bent slightly to drop a sweet, chaste kiss onto my brow as we reached the cliffs. He sank down onto the grass, pulling me down next to him and wrapping his arms about my shoulders as the Song ended and a new one began.

I rested my head on his chest again and gazed out at the entire universe spread out before us, each star as radiant and close as the next, reflecting back the light from the City, and indeed, the Source of the light as well. The endless sea softly growled as it kneaded the beach far below, the very sand glimmering softly in the starlight.

Remiel wrapped his wings around me once again and I felt our souls beginning to merge, our forms blurring with the intensity of our love. As we dissolved into a burst of light, we felt His love surrounding us and washing away the cares and troubles of the day. Slowly coming back to ourselves, we watched a single star streak across the slowly lightening horizon.

Still holding each other, we stood in unison and turned towards the City. A blinding burst of light shot out in all directions from the center of it all, sweeping in a wave across both land and sky, restoring and renewing all it touched.

Eyes shining with love, he gently released me from his wings and gave me a soft smile. "Time for another day to begin, dearest, for both of us," he murmured, lips moving gently against my ear. With that, his face drew back into a stoic mask, ready to face the sorrows and joys the day would bring.

Watching him fade into the distance, I sighed softly, feeling Father's comforting, loving arms drawing me back to Him and to the City. It was time to Sing the Song of the Dawn.

"Until tonight, my love," I whispered fondly, then turned my attention to my duties.