The Fourth of July Surprise

We offered them the olive branch, and they gave us back the bayonet. On the anniversary of our country's founding, they marched across our borders. We all heard the reports from Seattle, the Twin Cities, and Buffalo. We didn't believe them, until it was too late. With our armies stationed abroad, a few citizens with their own weapons could not too much to stem the invasion. Despite their bravery, we are a conquered, occupied nation.

Our holidays and traditions have been replaced by foreign ones. Our "founding" day is now celebrated three days early, and other holidays have also been changed. The Red from their flags is the most prominent color on them, and the code name for their war plan. The invaders began to institute many strange, foreign reforms: They legalized marijuana, balanced the federal budget, started bureacratic (but serviceable) health care for the poor, and educational reforms. All of that changed, the day the Canadians invaded.