Worlds Unlimited

Here's how this will work. There's a lot of cool tabletop RPG settings and systems out there: GURPS Transhuman Space, Eclipse Phase, Wushu, Fading Suns, Planescape, Exalted, Mage: The Ascension, Genius: The Transgression, Cthulhu-Tech, Unknown Armies, and countless others. There's also a lot of interesting settings put out in literature and popular culture. This column has a single purpose. Every month or so, I will try to post another setting. Each setting can be used for inspiration for a roleplaying campaign (under any system you want, really, if any) or a story concept. All of this stuff is going to be under a Creative Commons license. That means you can use it yourselves and copy it, but if you'd write a story based on a setting, I'd like to know about it, for no other reason than curiosity.

The settings and universes I'll be posting will vary significantly in scope, tone, and style. One might be a space opera with epic battles to save the universe, while another might be a steampunk fantasy, another might be a realistic historical premise in a single city, and another might be a whole hard science fiction world. Some may be universes that are based on my stories. Some are completely new. Each will include some character ideas and some story ideas, as well as relevant info to the setting. So, without further ado, I present my first setting for Worlds Unlimited!

PS: If you like this sort of format, I recommend a few other decent settings: Google "Wushu Skidoo," the "Anders Roleplaying Page," and "Orion's Arm."