Bowing to the memories of precious moments,
Cannot smell the flowers though you eat the lotus.
Cry out, but I can't help you understand the pain you feel.
Endless feeding, from your own misery you steal.

Weary waking hours spent in suffering silence,
Talking back to your own shadow, feel no love or violence.
Time tears into your body and you're left a hollow husk,
Ragged and debased, a product of your greed and lust.

Sullen morbid tales you weave about your sketchy past,
That may or may not be the truth, though lies are made to last.
Any memories of the good you saw in life died long ago.
Now everybody's out to get you, for the things you know.

What can twist a person's mind, to think the way some do,
Until the lies have been believed, and eyes are blind to truth?
You can't be told what's right or wrong, and life's a joking rhyme,
Just waiting for the punchline but it never comes in time.

Forgotten god is whispering but you don't hear the call.
Something that you lost, the empty lot behind the wall.
Gathering the flowers so the ones who loved you most
Can find the peace you never had, for giving up the ghost.