I have always wondered what exactly was behind that wall. When I was little, my father always said that behind the wall, built for our protection was to keep the big, bad wolf out. But now, when I'm older and maybe a little more stupid, wondered if it really was to keep me in.

The early summer rose to high noon, and I sat on the steps of my, no, my masters house. My father had died a year ago, in dept to a cloth merchant, who had decided to settle down, because he was rich enough to have other merchants work for him.

I sat, with my head resting in my palms and watched the dusty road and all of its travelers as they passed by. I really did not know anyone personally. I didn't really have any friends. Instead of other girls, my age, 14, I was working my hands off in weaving and sewing in the markets, waiting for a wealthy passerby to come and but one of my works of art. Thankfully, I wasn't there today. It was just too pretty. I had been sick with a fever, and, to keep from getting any one else sick, I got the day off.

The wall. A few people came in and out, but they were all traders, and they were few and far between. All that I could see beyond this barrier were trees, lots of them, and several mountains, very far off into the distance. Nobody I had ever met in the village had ever been there. No, inside the wall, they said quickly, they were safe, so nothing could hurt them. But this stony wall did not stop people from getting hurt. No, people still died, people still lost all that they had. Except the Lord Tirridenn. I had only seen him once; I had been called to court, in place of my father. It was right after he died. My father had borrowed a lot of money from my master. Thus, my fate was sealed. I had glanced at Tirridenn, he looked like and angel resting at the top of the balcony, decked in gold. He made me seethe with anger. He had never lost anyone; he was not enslaved by a man who could care less about me. His father's father's father had built the wall to keep us subjects in, and emancipators out.

There and then, I decided to leave, and to never return.