Relationship Advice Alphabet




Always add affection,

Banter on occasion,

Communication is key,

Determination and dedication,

Equality should be earned and returned,

Friendship, fun, faith, feelings, fantasy and forgiveness,

Give guidance and generosity when needed,

Hugs are helpful and important,

Intimacy should never be taken for granted,

Joyful jokes can break an argument, never jaded ones,

Kind kisses caress away bad feelings,

Love, loyalty, listening and laughter,

Mystery may or might be a good thing,

Naughty but nice nicknames,

Opportunity should be seized to be with them,

Pure pleasure passes only in the sweetest love,

Quirky or quaint bad habits should be ignored or loved,

Respect, relate, and be romantic, old tricks never go amiss,

Support and savor precious moments

Travel together, tease, trust, and keep talking,

Understand what they are saying, even though it maybe hard,

Veer away from tempestuous cheating acts,

Wishful thinking rarely helps, working together has better results,

Xxx - the mark of many long distanced kisses

You and your love is a constant test, keep practicing

Zest and zeal, keep many surprises for the future