I cried today

I cried for the time I've lost

Somewhere along the way,

I cried for the loneliness

That fills up all my day.

I cried for the chances

That I let slip past me

I cried for the joys

That I just couldn't see.

For the life I had but didn't want

For the choices I made but didn't choose

For the love I gave but didn't feel

For what I kept but couldn't help but lose

I cried today

I cried without meaning to

Tears spilling out my eyes

I cried in earnest accidently

More weighty than all my sighs.

I cried as one heartbroken

Head bowed down in my pain

I cried in fervent silence

In anguish you cannot feign.

For the lies that twist around my truth

For all the things my trying couldn't do

For the path I walked on that wasn't mine

For decisions I can't seem to follow through

I cried today