Hello readers. This is an idea that has been bugging me so I decided to post it here. Please tell me what you think of this little prologue. I have the basic outline of the story already planned out but if no one likes it then I won't post.

Update: 3/14/13 I have been revising this story, so please reread the early chapters. I have changed a few things (like how our hero reacts to his mate the first time he sees her) and added interesting components.

Marcus was surrounded by the demons of a very powerful bloodline. A blood line so old that it can be traced far beyond the creation of the pyramids.

His blood line.

A title that meant extreme power and greater responsibility. Marcus was taught from a young age how to handle the power granted to him by his superior blood and simultaneously how he must use that power. His father taught him the consequences of lack of control; the raw energy his family possessed could destroy many things but his father made sure to press onto him that his power could kill innocents.

A demon has multiple forms and every demon has at least two, their humanoid form and their demon form. Some can shape shift into animals or illusion themselves to look like other people. Growing up one must learn how to curb their demons desires because the beast within does not know reason only instinct.

The stronger the inner demon or 'beast' as their mostly called, the stronger the demon. And in the supernatural world strength is power.

His blood line alone made him royalty.

His mother, the queen of demons of North America, stood to his left with a comforting hand on his broad shoulder, while his father, the king of demons of North America, stood proudly to his right. Behind him, pacing with excitement was his younger brother Zivan and next to him was his little sister Claire.

The royal family stood in a great garden nearby their neighboring woods on their royal estate. It was in the light of the midnight moon as is tradition. For tonight was extremely important for all present because this night was Marcus' Quivering.

The Quivering is how demons find their mate, the other half of their soul. Chosen by fate a male demon is born with the quivering instinct already embedded in their DNA just suppressed. The female demon must wait for a mate to claim her, she cannot find one on her own. Whether youngling or elder the Quivering can happen at any age but it always occurs on the night of the male demon's birthday.

Tonight is Marcus' birthday.

Tonight he will find his long awaited mate.

It is basic education in his parent's kingdom that all demons be taught the signs of an approaching quivering because if left unprepared the demon can become violent. His family noticed the symptoms of the event in him before he was aware of them himself. His physical appearance slowly changed into a more muscular form and his power became impossibly enhanced. Marcus is thankful to his family for helping him get to this point, where he finally waits to be united with his mate. The Quivering instinct uses a demon's magic to transport them directly to their mate. Quite handy because once the male is near their chosen, he is put through the Acknowledgement. In this stage of the mating, the male's predatory senses become impossibly attuned to their female and many have described it as an over-load of sensations, rendering the male stunned. In this stage a demon's beast recognizes the female as its mate.

Marcus was ready for this. His whole life he saw the relationship between his parents and craved the partnership they have. It is an honor for every demon to mate because their partner is handpicked by Fate, a blessing from above.

Suddenly Marcus began to feel a foreign power that of someone not present in the garden. He stiffened.

Is this it? he wondered. He turned to his family and murmured, "It is now."

Marcus didn't see the excitement on their faces because as soon as he uttered those few words it hit him. Like nothing he ever experienced before, an ancient magic took hold of him and gripped him tight, almost painfully so. The power was continually hitting him full force before he was no longer in the garden with his family, he was transported to his mate.

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