100 Days of Writing

Aha, Gotcha! Maybe you've heard of it?

Just a little something I stumbled on in the internet once upon a time. I'll be posting a chapter for each, but lemme just get this straight, I am so not posting one everyday. I'll be writing one whenever I feel like it. Which is probably everyday, but who knows... Just gimme a prompt, and I can write one as easy as pie. Okay so pie is not so easy to bake... Especially if it's the 3.14 one.


100 Prompts I'll Write Whenever I Feel Like It

Oh yeah. I so rock at coming up with titles.


And just like that, *snaps finger*, I have already successfully written a story of this prompt Introduction. I know what you're thinking, Damn this loser! What 100 prompts? I doubt you'll even reach the first five. Ah, the good people.