I don't believe in fashion, I think its slowly becoming a way for the world to become monopolized, but I do believe in peoples drawings of fashion, such as fashion designers, it has a wonder-fun sense of imagination, it's something to show how they envision the world, the thing is that there are certain fazes in fashion, and some of these ideas aren't accepted at certain times, which I think is rather phooey. We shouldn't have restrictions to what we wear, we're much luckier than a lot of countries, we have to right to many things other much worthier human beings have no access to, I don't see how it can be that we aren't allowed to wear purple skinnies with an orange pullover, because it might clash, an d then we would be ugly, we are ugly creatures, humans, we make restrictions so as not to do things, but we do things like killing people who kill people, to show people, that killing people is wrong, where does that leave us? If humans are such amazing creatures, how do we get off being like that?

Just a note, I have changed all the names of these characters so as to leave them protected from my writing.

I want to be the very best that I can be, but when I fucked myself over a long time ago, how would I fix the imperfections I have?

Little paper girl -Eh-to-

Robbers anonymus69 -What the hell, stop speaking Japanese at me, you know I don't understand that stupid shit!-

Little paper girl -I don't think you get it, if it's stupid, then it should be easy, therefore you should get it, but you don't, so I think you're stupid, and I don't speak Japanese to you, I say the Japanese word(s) for 'um' and you already know its meaning, retard-

Robbers anonymus69 -whatever, just quit it, k?-

Little paper girl -Nah, I plan on using it forever, but you'll get used to it, ha-

Robbers anonymus69 – hmm. Maybe I will, if you go out with me?-

Little paper girl – fucking hell, we have brilliant mind stimulating conversations, then you go and say that, even though you know I won't say yes, fucking hell Robby, I won't go out with you, not now, and prolly not ever, fuck, let it alone, I swear, you drive me nuts, goodbye-

Little paper girl logged out

This isn't the first time Robby has asked me out, probably the 40th time this month, he asked me out about twice every day, hoping I'll give in one day, but it's for that very reason which I say no, I love Robby, but not like that, he's wonderful, and probably the best guy I could ever have, but I'm really weird about boyfriends, I don't like to have them to close, I love having Robby close, we constantly go to each other's house, and make out, there used to be no harm in it, until Robby started liking me, now, he does it with intention, and I know I should stop, I don't want him to keep hurting himself by thinking I'll change, but I won't, I need his attention to much. When I wrote "let it alone" I actually meant, "please, keep talking, and asking, but don't expect any different answer." Thank god Robby is none too bright, and won't suspect that.

I know I should probably tell you more about me/little paper girl.

This is me, of sorts, this is a better version of me, one with self confidence, and control, and I have neither of those. I'm a girl with no purpose, I don't look for anything but good books, but I have no desire to be a book reviewer, which makes little to no sense, I found my name of sorts from my favorite book, paper towns, I don't get why it's my favorite book, it just is, I feel paper thin some days. Right, now back to what's happening in the alter world of mine.

"Hey Robbie, how are you today?"

"Well, the girl I'm in love with rejected me yesterday; I'm hoping she'll say yes today?" Robbie replied as we walked aimlessly down the school corridors.

"Ah Robbie, and that's where I think the bell should come in so I don't have to listen to-"

Cue bell sound [no seriously, that when the bell rang]

"Damn, you've sure got timing skills girlie"

"Yeah well, at least one of us does, well I'm off to hell, otherwise known as maths"

"Ha ha, math isn't so bad, you just need a tutor, such as me" Robbie kissed me on the check, and then skipped off to his extended math class.

That boy is smarter than anyone I know when it comes to academic things; unfortunately, he's not so genius when it comes to pretty much anything else. Such as love lives.

Oh god, my teacher is wearing a blue turtle neck jumper with his favorite purple short shorts again.

"How nice of you to join us Alice, I didn't think you'd ever grace us with your wit and sarcasm again."

"Oh and how nice of you to grace us with your fashion statements, such as the new trend of no pants in winter." I kind of got a sick thrill from annoying the teacher, it was a daily routine, but it was better than getting an A because he thought I was beautiful.

"Charming habit you've got there, Alice." He said, before pointing to the seat in which I should dell for this lesson, then towards the whiteboard, where he'd written the first set of questions for the class to work on.

I heard the giggle of our conversation go around the room, but paid no attention to it, my fish bowl friend Alexis gave me a note with her messy writing printed on it. [Hey, are we going to the shops today, or are you finally admitting your feelings for Robbie, and gonna' go over and shag him? By the way, we've got an assignment, better ask the teacher for it after class though; he's not in a very good mood.] I turned the note over and wrote back, [no feelings for Robbie, other than the desire to punch him in the face, and thanks for the heads up, I'll ask him about it while he's lecturing me on appropriate conversation to have with whatever he thinks he is…]

I tried flicking the note to her without attracting attention to myself, but failed, and the girl whose real name escapes me, but her well known nickname was familiar piped up to tell on me, and gain some un deserved brownie points. "Sir, Alice and Alexis are sending notes to each other."

"yes, I know, and they will stop now, knowing that I know, Alexis, Alice, I hope you realize you've earnt a detention for this, oh and you too Jody, for texting which ever guy you're dating this week, I know you're sending them secretly under the desk, I may not look it, but sometimes I do pay attention to you guys, and I know you all too well. See you at lunch"

There was another, louder giggle across the room, and Jody, or more known to our age group 'DC' as in, she got double D's put in last summer, and they look wonky, as if one is only a C.

I could hear Alexis whisper 'nice work DC' under her breath, loud enough for the teacher turn and give her one of those classic looks a teacher gives.

The rest of my day passes in a blur, with the exception of English, which I can enjoy as long as my teachers husband decides he doesn't want a divorce after all, which happens every two weeks. They are in a constant strain, which the whole school can sense.

I catch my usual bus home, the one after the over crowded bus, I wave to Gus, the lovely bus driver who won't actually allow me to pay seeing as every day I have a fresh sandwich from mum which I give him. He thanks me, and I go sit in my regular seat, right in the front, so I can hear Gus talk, but also ignore all the normal commuters which watch me with admiration and confusion. Admiration for my genes, which I got from my lovely five and a half foot mother, who happens to be incredibly thin, even when she eats the same amount of junk food as a body builder. She's beautiful, and I got her genes almost exactly, except that I'm taller, not so tall I find it hard to get guys who are taller than me, but tall enough that I don't look just like her, my legs are impossibly long, and my hair is long and brown, but not like, shit brown, it's the same color as dark chocolate, and I know I'm right, because in year five, I got chocolate in my hair, and didn't notice till mum said my hair was melting, which freaked me out at the time, being that small and all. And I do ballet, so I'm graceful, which drives the boys at school and the commuters on the bus nuts. Nobody likes to be shown up. Just then a woman got aboard the bus, saw me, and I think she almost thought of getting off, it had happened before, and if it weren't for her being slightly visibly pregnant I would of let her get off, but instead, I said

"Excuse me, this might be weird, but where did you get that coat, it's marvelous, I love it!" I didn't actually love it, in fact, the only good thing about it was that it worked with the rest of her outfit, and made her hair look lighter. Though it did work, she got on the bus and sat down the seat behind me, I could tell she took it as a great compliment, and probably won't buy that new jacket she saw, because she has new faith in this one. I wish I didn't think so much about the lives of others, then I imagine their opinion of me, and then I think of how it hurt me when my ballet teacher called me fat, just because my ballet partner couldn't lift me, not my fault he had literally no upper body strength.

I got off the bus, and waited for it to pass, oh god, that lady waved to me, Jesus, last time I ever compliment a random.

I got home, and went about my daily routine:

Go put bag down in room, take wallet and phone out of jacket pockets, then take jacket off and hang in closet.

Check phone for messages, of course there are three, from Robbie: hey A, planning on coming over for dinner? XX, Hey A, you there, I don't want you to ignore me XX, hey A, please talk, oh wait, no credit, forgot, ha, never mind, XX

Go to kitchen, grab two water crackers and the phone, go to lounge room, start up computer and eat two water crackers.

Write this story.

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Little paper girl