Horror. Horror. Horror. Hate and fear: helas!

My soul, I found her, broken, bruised, and wrought:

Wishing for an end more happy; but she has now lost.

I knew my step her health would harm and test.

I knew not that I could hate and take her from her rest.

Myself I'd hate if I could live at all from day to day.

God I'd hate but loving law has taught me to refrain.

A friend I'd hate, but friendship I'd not rend.

Love, oh love, the cure of hate, please hasten to mine aid.

Yet what is this? You know me not? OH PAIN!

Trust has flown out from my soul; now she cannot love.

She now no longer herself wholly gives.

Thus she lies devoid and horrid wond'ring how to live.

Please teach me Lord to love again—a bliss.

Help me cease this rancid hate that there'll be no more hurt:

Enough of that I've cause of late amen.