O Sun of justice, Ray of peace,

You break above the brink of dark.

Approach and warm the cold night air,

And let the chaos come to cease.

You come in from the eastward realm

In beams but faintly lit by mist.

They come taught as an anchor's chain;

In humble thanks I grant my helm.

You burn now stronger, goodly Light,

Yourself arise past my view.

Your rays do lead me forward quick

And draw me out to reach new height.

Above the lowly things below

You shine in splendor on us all.

The coldest and the hardest heart:

You melt and break her chains of woe.

The ice is much receded, whence

You do descend but grow in might.

Your heat not e'en the crypt escapes,

And life returns with wit and sense.

But as you make your final course,

I bid you pause and linger some,

That those who have not seen you yet

May see and make you their lives' source.

Then with your glories colored bright

While warmth and life from earth decay,

I pause and offer thanks and praise

As comes your feast, my true delight.

And when forever you will reign,

The feeble signs do no more stand.

Our light is you; the dark is naught,

For you on us to look did deign,

And light shall not depart again.