"Yet I'm Not"

Twisted, mixed and stirred

Humans are all different but also so alike

Speaking with their words slurred;

I'm alone, yet I'm not and they are in groups

And you are fully aware of what you are, what you do

What have I ever done? You, at random, round up your shock troops;

I'm alone, yet I'm not and now very tired

It is my wish. It is my dream.

In the haziness where I am admired;

I'm alone, yet I'm not-such a foolish thing I should want

Even the tiniest response would be a Gift. The Gift.

I can be so cruel; I should want loneliness and be nonchalant;

I'm unknown, yet I'm not-

You see me pass by you, catching your gaze with hopeful eyes.

You want to be caught.

Caught in my gaze as something other than what you're not.

Alone? No. You're everything but. . . .

Dedicated to the several people at my school that I can't bear to see everyday.