©2010 X-Kit-X

She's living in darkness, with fear and regret,

And is longing for a life that she tried to forget,

She wanted to change, didn't see the mistake,

And is now left with nothing but a lingering ache.

She observes those about her, with envy and hunger,

And wants to go back to when she was younger,

She chose to move on then, become someone new,

And hoped that her life would become something too.

She watches her family, her friends are included,

And wishes that she had not been so secluded,

She realises her needs now, her desires as well,

And knows she's too late; just an empty shell.

She wonders the path that might have been taken,

And yet knows it's a life she's already forsaken,

She made the wrong choices, they can't be reversed,

And she's not even sure which one was the first.

She has no more options; she can't see a way out,

And still the darkness is growing, as is the doubt,

She knows who to blame, who caused her undoing,

And has nowhere to turn, no options worth viewing.

She's reaching that point now, the finale is near,

And she makes her decision, one guided by fear,

She feels herself falling, breathes one last sigh,

And even though it's the end, she still wonders why...