Part One:

Chapter One: The party

"Tiffany!" I yelled through the rotten screan door, waiting for someone to open it. It was Tiffany Summer's fourteenth birthday today. She invited me and all of our friends to her girly little sleep over. We weren't much of friends, but she still hesitated to invite me.

"Hello, lovely!" She always said, as a joke to sound almost horrifying, but funny simaltaniasly. Tiffany grabbed my arm, and pulled me. Her grip was sharp, but it didn't hurt that much. A few people were there, surprisingly. Tiffany was extremely popular. I have no idea how we became friends. It was just a stir of the moment I'm guessing.

"Happy birthday, Tiffany!" I said to her, as I handed her a poorly wrapped present. It was a "My Chemical Romance" t-shirt and black skinny jeans. It was wrapped in panda wrapping paper. Tiffany glared at the flopppy square, and compared it to all of the other presents. They were all girly and pink with little bows and glitter. I wasn't much of a girly girl. I knew i should have gotten her money instead. She smiled a faint smile and walked to the dark living room.

"More people should be coming soon, my children!" She said, eyes peering at her. Tiffany just smiled her perfectly straight smile and walked right into the kitchen. "What time is it, mom? There's only, like, six people in the living room. I invited at least ten."

"They will be coming, soon enough, hun. Patience please. It's good that a lot of them havn't come yet. I need to get the party games set." She replied, with an irritated, but reasurring attitude.

"Whatever, mom. I'm going to play some music." Tiffany stomped out, obviously annoyed.

"Who else is coming, Tiffany?" A girl from the back questioned. I knew her, but not as well. It think her name was Mindy.

"Ericka, Josh, and Nick."

"Who are they?" I asked. Everyone stared at me with their mouths wide open. "What?" I asked. I knew what they were thinking: What is she doing here? She has NO idea how to be popular. TAKE HER AWAY! I wanted to slap those bitches into some sense. But I didn't want to be thrown out of a popular party. Everyone went back to talking to one another after that charade of awkwardness was over.

"They are here! Finally!" Tiffany screamed, while running frantically to the rotting screan door. She opened it, as it screached with pain when she slowly opened it. I winced at the sound. Everyone ran to the door and greeted eachother. I just sat on the couch. I had no idea who they were.

When everyone settled down aroung the coffee table, I did role-call in my head. Mindy, Alex, Amber, Ericka, Josh, Anne, Me, Jasmine, Megan. That's nine. Whose missing? "Hey, Tiffany. Whose missing? There's only nine people."

"Well, Nick is supposed to be with us. But he likes to hang out with my brother instead of all these girls. Josh is the same way. Except, he's into girls way more than Nick." Everyone giggled loudly as they looked at Josh, who was hiding behind his cell phone.

A few hours into the party, after all the laughs, the embarresments, the cries, the stories, and the music, we all settled down for a movie. Tiffany's mom put in a horror film When A Stranger Calls. I could relate to these girls in one way. They loved to scare the crap out of themselves! I could hear the blood curtling screams in the background. I was trying to block them out by thinking. I had no thoughts floating in my brain at the moment. Then I remembered the boy that Tiffany invited. What was his name? Nick? Yeah, that's it.

Nick looked very familiar. Like, I've seen him before. I don't remember where. Maybe it was a dream? He did go to our school, but I have never seen him. I didn't even know he exsisted! I remember his eyes, as he walked through Tiffany's rotting door. They were a deep gold. It was strange to see such glimmer in them. They shined so bright, they were almost blinding. I couldn't stop thinking about them(I found something to keep my mind off the annoying cheerleaders around me).

"Hey, Tiffany, how old is Nick?" I asked, he looked to be about 14 or 15. His mysterious sharp features, almost creature like, made me think he had a secret to hide. I had to know what it was.

"He's 14, turning 15 next month. Why? Do you LIKE him?!" She smiled, and everyone snickered behind her.

"No. I was just wondering. He seems a little older than 14." I replied, blushing a bit. I didn't know if I liked him or not.

"Oh, I see. Yeah, that's how a lot of the guys look. You will get used to it, love."

What the heck does THAT mean?! What will I get used to? Guys look so old in the eigth grade? It doesn't seem right. Maybe, I'm supposed to be getting used to popularity. Maybe, I was excepted now? What ever. It doesn't matter. Does it?