Eudaimonia (or to Hypatia of Alexandria, martyr of free thought and belief)

Now rueful dust upholds the claim of shame

Aberrant martyrdoms are deemed dismissed,

The truth is not what they proclaim

Her memory could not persist.

A chime, the music of the spheres

Are we but pawns in divine hands?

Come, now, allay our fears

Why were thy thoughts claimed by the sands?

What conscience-dam can hold

The stormful seas of blood and sin?

How can thy story not be told

When anger seethes within?

Forgive our thoughts, oh Sophia,

If we, with enmity, honour thee,

Towards those whose firm idea

Was silence by divine decree.

You did not seek wonder, but truth,

The mystic union with the One.

The shattered mirror of thy youth

Rues that which was undone.

Now dream, Hypatia, dream awake,

Their frozen towers melt,

Their discordant words break,

Truth returns to where it had dwelt.

Now dream, Hypatia, dream,

Thy blood is now fading

In this rejuvenating stream …