I stand before two large black gates. The iron is ornately bended, twisting, curling, forming the large ominous looking gates that were designed to encase the decrepit old cemetery hidden inside of the cold iron walls. The wind blew, my hair whipping around my face. I pushed my hair back, pushing open one of the gates and walking inside, down the well trodden path. The gate clanked shut behind me, the sudden metallic click making me jump in the otherwise silent night. I looked back, shrugging before turning back to walk down the path. All around me, large gray tombstones loomed in the moonlight. Some were large, giant figurines of people, animals, some just large slabs of rock. Each had a name carved in, a date underneath. Stepping forward to the nearest tombstone, a large gray horse, rearing onto his back legs, his front legs kicked out towards the empty night, his head thrown back. Slowly I crouched down to look at the inscription.

Here lies Annamarie DeBarbarach.
Beloved daughter, mother, aunt, and friend.
She rode into heaven on her faithful friend Jay-Jay.

I shook my head, backing up, tears beginning to fall down my cheeks. My favorite aunt, gone, taken from this Earth, no more summers with her, no more horse back rides with her, no more midnight runs to the store for a movie and ice cream. No more anything. I continued backing away, tears falling down my cheeks in small rivers, the backs of my knees hitting another tombstone, almost knocking me over. I spun around, looking at the simple tombstone. Hesitantly I bent forward to look at it's inscription. My grandmother's this time, one of my hero's, gone. I screamed in agony, two of my favorite woman gone. I ran from grave to grave, looking at inscriptions. All of them someone I loved, someone important to me. Two of my grandfathers, my step mom, my dad, my grandma, aunts, uncles, best friends, all gone. I looked at the last tombstone, a simple piece of stone lying upon the ground. Nothing more than a name and a date, nothing fancy, nothing ostentatious, just his name, my fiance's name, that caused me to scream until my throat was raw, caused me to sink to my knees, burying my face in my hands.

I sat sobbing for God knows how long before a rumbling finally caused me to look up. Thunder rumbled as dark storm clouds approached, the smell of water thick in the air, before the cool rain fell upon my body, soaking my clothes, soaking me to the bone. That wasn't the sound though, that interrupted the night's silence that pulled me off the ground, to my feet. The ground around me began to shake and rumble, the ground atop the graves began to shift, before hands started breaking through the surface of the dirt. All around me, they began to rise from their graves, their decomposed bodies, shuffling towards me, moving slowly, dirt clumps, maggots, worms, pieces of their rotting flesh falling off along the way. I backed up, screaming, my eyes deceiving me surely. He stepped forth, the small gold band on his left hand glittering on the bone, before his hand snapped forth and grabbed my throat. I had backed up into the gates, there was no escape for me as the ones I had loved surrounded me, killing me slowly. I stared into his cold blue eyes, screaming as the world around me began to sink into blackness...