His fingers gently moved across my cheek. I leaned my head into his hand in bliss. I felt the wind gently push through my hair. Moving my curls around. The palm trees swayed in the wind. I didn't notice the palm trees though. My eyes where firmly set on his eyes. I could see the pinkish-oranges of the sunset reflected in his eyes. Blending perfectly with the vivid blue colour of them. I couldn't help it. I leaned forward and touched my lips to his.

He put his other arm around my waist and one of my hands found his hair. It was so comfortable and perfect. I pulled back slowly not braking eye-contact.

"No matter what gets in our way, I'll stick with you. I love you" I whispered softly into his ear.

I giggled at a text I just got.

Are u getting lonely since poor Boldy died? Need someone 2 comfort u? - Jace

Ok that doesn't seem that funny to you, right? Well boldy was my project, it was an egg, my baby egg. Jace and I had been the "parents" of the poor egg. It ended up on the floor. Too injured to be saved.

Oh so lonely. Don't know what I'll do wit out lil baldy. – Trini

Okay, just so you guys know, the guy I am texting is sitting across from me. But we were flirting secretly. 'Cause let me tell you, Jace is so hot. I mean so hot.

I'll see u at your locker – Jace

I quietly excused myself saying I had to go to the library to finish some homework last-minuet. It was pretty convincing 'cause I'm not very good at actually doing homework.

I snuck into the hall and went to my locker. He popped around the corner a second later. Man, this hottie was fast. His black hair was so my weakness. He had an eyebrow piercing and a lip ring that made me want to kiss him senseless.

"Hey." I greeted.

"Hi." He said coming closer. His black hair perfectly hanging to the side. I knew his parent always bothered him to cut it because it was falling into his eyes, which in my opinion was the sexiest thing ever.

I stared at him. He was so sweet, funny AND hot.

"Trin, do you want to go out with me this weekend, to the movies?" he asked quietly.

"Well, the scary movies would usually freak me out, but I think I'm safe with you." I said smiling. He smiled widely.

"I'll pick you up tonight then?" he asked. Today was Friday.

"Sure." I said. I stared at him for a bit longer. Then he quickly put his lips to mine and then grabbed his books. With a cheeky grin on his face, he turned and walked to class.

I smiled grabbed my books from my locker and headed off to my last class, double Digital Photography. My favourite.

That afternoon I arrived home and ran upstairs. I quickly dumped my bag and started to get ready. I straightened my hair and brushed my side fringe out of my eye. Then I put on a casual pair of skinny jeans. I had to dig in my closet to find a nice red singlet.

Ten minuets after I had finished getting ready I walked downstairs into my mums little study. She was on her laptop, no doubt working on her latest project. She worked a lot.

"Hay mum? Can I go out tonight?" I asked.

She turned around. "Be home before midnight. I would tell you what you can't do but your smart enough to know." With that she turned around and went back to her work. My mum always worked. She did try to spend a lot of time with me too, but she always has a lot to do.

I jumped a bit at the screen and clung on to Jace's arm. This movie was sort of funny but it scared the crap out of me.

"Calm down Trin, The movies are all fake remember? Also if any guy tried to blow your head off I would totally kick their ass." He whispered in my ear. I had to laugh at this.

"You know that sentence is oddly romantic and still so weird." I said. He grinned cockily.

"Well, you know, that's what I'm here for." His smile was so hot. I just stared at him transfixed. I slowly moved towards him and our lips met.

So as the guy on screen picked up a chainsaw and started slicing people up, me and Jace made out feverishly.

As the movie came to and end we actually went back to watching it, with small smiles on our faces. Who the hell am I kidding. I had the biggest grin on my face ever!

After the movie he dropped me home and gave me a sweet small kiss on the lips. I smiled and walked into the house.

A Month Later

I had my fingers intertwined with Jace's under the table as I laughed at the idiots I call friends.

The blonde, wild, funny Britney or Britt, was bitching about her science teacher Ms. Bruce.

"She's so thick. She thinks that were all at like Kindergarten level. Well, if those dumb fuckers could do Science." She was saying.

"Did you just call kindergarten kids 'Fuckers'?" Jace asked laughing.

"Of course I did. I was baby-sitting 2 yesterday and they both had a very colourful vocabulary. I mean the girl called me a biatch! That's so screwed up!" she ranted.

I looked over at my Oh-So-Sexy boyfriend. We were so well together. I knew I was falling for him and I THINK he's falling for me.

The bell goes and we head off for class me and Jace still holding hands as we walk to English.

~DoNt YoU wIsH yOuR pEnGuIn WaS hOt LiKe MiNe? ~

That weekend my mum was on a business trip away to Toronto. I was left alone in the creepy house on Saturday night. At around 9 that night I was curled up on the couch watching some random movie on TV. It was really scary. A second later I realised it was Barbie: The Nutcracker. Talk about scary. Then the door bell rang. I jumped up and walked to the door. I yanked it open and was met by a pair of widening eyes.

Jace's eyes slowly widened they slowly traced down my legs. Oh yeah, I was wearing black cotton short-shorts and a purple spaghetti strap singlet. It didn't cover as much as I would have liked. Jace just stood there for a few seconds running his eyes up and down my legs then taking in my small top. I rolled my eyes and grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him inside. Closing the door behind him. I lead him to the couch where he sat down.

"So, why the late visit?" I asked. Jace blinked a few times then seemed to come out of him trance.

"Oh, well I heard you were lonely and thought you might want to watch a couple of movies with some awesome snacks. He went and grabbed some rental movies and a tub of ice-cream from the front seat of his car.

I put the first one on. It didn't sound too bad. Prom Night.

~DoNt YoU wIsH yOuR pEnGuIn WaS hOt LiKe MiNe? ~