"She is a writer, an artist, a dancer, an actress, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter, a great granddaughter, a teenager, an insane, She does stupid things, She has hopes, She has dreams. Don't like it? Deal. That's just her =]"... That's what she says.. Interesting how I dealt with her? Well the way she answers and all those write ups, ending up saying 'Ya so thats all i guess' :P:P... makes me feel pity of her... thats why i like talking to her...:)
Just got to know she is a bad athlete (the fact she will never tell me i guess..hahaha).. She has got that strong will of staying up late nights, an unexceptional talent of deciphering my odd gestures and complex metaphors, an implausible talent to access herself in long term...and ya the sheen on her face just make me reveal that she is an exception to be dealt by future :P
And the only bad thing about her is that she remains a bit sad..ya but she is not moody at all...always cheering and laughing..( the odd hahahaa every time :))
Thanks Laelen for vivid imaginations and illuminating spectrum..I adore your work, I admire your love towards literature..and your spirit of making odd things work out..
Really it make me feel something worth of what I write daily..
"I haven't seen such a composed description of creativity and viability ever..."

The only one I know..
who writes those big phrases...
Even though you are brain dead..
You chuckle for 20 ages..

You stay up the whole night..
Dancing to music your fingers type..
Nothing else than crap we talk..
Even then you manage 100 lines..

I have never seen you...
Even then I conceive you smile..
Chubby cheeks on your flab face..
Memorize me of you for a while..

Resemblance of our styles..
Depicts we don't often visit "there" in life..
But even your amicable face (Even when you are babysitting)..
Adores you when you write...

You redefine the friendship online..
Hope you better of coughing all the time..
Silly Teen girl this..
Matters her hubby a long time...(who actually tends to be her best friend)

Staying in our world together..
Enclosed with the mesh of webs...
We spy we cry..
Tending to perceive each other..
Willing to give every try..

A/N:"There" represents the world of happiness which has devoided both of us recently hahaha..
"Our World" depicts her own world where she believes she lives alone..a world surrounded by her own manipulations and working according to her own intuitions..And coz i believe i have same sort of world to live in...thats why i have used "staying in our world together"