This girl ain't no fool

This is the last time she's going to let you mess with her mind. She's had enough. She's not a fool you know. This girl has a mind of her own. She's too tough for you. And boy, you sure know that.

Did you honestly think that you'd be able to fool her like you did with your other girls? Hmm, hell no. This girl is too smart for you. She saw through all your lies and smiles. She knew how she never meant anything to you. Yet she held on for a while, hoping you'd change and prove her wrong. But you never did. You always showed her what a jerk you were. And you honestly thought you'd win her back after everything? Ha-ha. Nope, that was never going to happen. So just forget her. She's over you. And she's got better things to do than waste her time on you.

But then again, you're never going to get over her, are you? You say you love her, but do you actually mean it? Don't say things that you don't mean and that are going to hurt her, admit it, you don't really love her; you just say it expecting her to fall for your dumb lies. But boy, this girl ain't blind. She's strong. She knows how to move on. No guy will ever be worth her time. She don't need one in her life to make it complete. Unlike you. Deny it all you want. Say what you want. But who's going to believe you eh? Obviously not her!

Coz reality check, you just need a girl. Any girl. Coz any girl will do for you, won't she? You don't care who you hurt in the process; just as long as you've got a girl, you'll be fine.

See, can't you see how naïve and pathetic you're being? Your whole life revolves around any damn girl! God, how did you get so low?

Now that you've lost her, do you understand why she did all that? Said what she said? Answer this; are you ever going to be able to understand how she felt?

No, not ever.

Coz you didn't have to go through what she did. She honestly thought you loved her and there was time when she felt the same too. But then you messed up…and that's when everything fell apart. All the fights, screams, tears…yes that was mostly your fault. Simply, you showed her what hell was.

You know, she didn't have to stick by you so long but she did. The amount of times people told her to forget you, to leave you, to move on. But she refused to listen, hoping things would be ok. But they never were, were they?

Damn boy, you messed up big time with her! You hurt the girl barezzz.

She lost trust in you the first time you messed up. Once she loses trust, that's it…it's hard to gain back. Along the lines, her love for you was lost too. If she actually did love you. The only thing left was honesty.

She was honest with you right from the start. Pity the same thing can't be said about you. She told you how she felt; you promised you'd fix up. If only you could keep your promises! You'd fix up for a while…but soon you'd return to your old ways. She felt used and in the end, gave up caring.

You didn't mean anything to her. She knew she could forget you and move on. And that's exactly what she did. But you couldn't accept it you begged her for another chance, said you loved her and was sorry. Ah well, she didn't fall for your lies this time. She ain't your fool.

Hope you've realised your mistakes now boy. And hope you won't hurt anyone again. But doubt you'll ever realise.

Don't you think it's strange how you kept thing from her? Yet she found out. Hmm, bet you were hoping she wouldn't find out. Ah well, as long as she's got her girls, life's all blessed.

Now, keep your next girl away from her. Coz she's promised to hurt you, hasn't she? She doesn't want anyone else to go through what she did. Coz, trust boy, she will make your life hell.

But do you deserve it?



You've messed her life…so why can't she mess yours…?