Josh was curled up in a ball, his pillow and sheets stained with tears, blood and sperm, his sweaty body getting cold, but he couldn't move to cover himself up, not with that sheets.

He slided to the floor and searched for something under his bed. A blade. If his father knew he had it, he would get stabbed with it near his groin, it had already happened.

Josh cried as he cut his arm, but not out of pain. He was so used to these soft, sweet kinds of pain by now that something much harder than a simple knife would have been needed to feel it. This was merely an itch.

And then he heard the sound coming from the living room. He got up, and forgot to clean the dripping blood as he ran and hid behind the door.

There was his mother, honey-coloured hair being yanked back, pale lips dripping blood already, her face covered in still healing bruises being hit again, laying on the floor as the man he hated kicked her limp body.

Josh felt the heat of wrath making his blood boil, but that man was everything he feared in this world, so he just couldn't move, frozen where he was -after all, he was only fourteen, he was just a kid. And he observed helplessly as his father kicked her with all his rage, because he didn't have to be careful not to destroy her beauty as he was with his son. And so he punched her until her limp body fell to the floor and kicked her until she didn't move anymore, the golden eyes so much like his own empty of all life.

Josh couldn't stop himself anymore and threw his body at his father, blind with all the hatred that had been gathering in his soul for years, and all he could remember was that he still holding his dear blade in his hand, and then it was stuck in something between hard and soft, and his hands were bloodstained; and he kept on stabbing and stabbing, giving his arm all the force his father used to apply to shove his cock in the teen's arse, until he was bloodsoaked from head to toe and his father lay cooling dead over the floor.

He stroke his bloodied fingers through his mum's hair and stared at the darkening sky through the window. He was free of his burden, at last. And now he was lost.

Where to go now?

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