It is frozen at noon on this hot, sunny day.
There are no laughs of children at play.
For at this crossroads,
this dirty, dusty crossroads,
I have finally lost my way.

From the very beginning I knew where to go-
an inherent concept I'd always know.
But at this crossroads,
this dark and lonely crossroads,
have I reached an all time low.

I have options, three ways to travel-
all of them dirt and broken gravel;
and at this crossroads,
this daunting, fearsome crossroads,
I have a story to unravel.

To my old home, I cannot return-
because my heart would surely burn,
yet at this crossroads,
this loving, caring crossroads,
I sense tides starting to turn.

I know I must keep moving onward,
though my paths are widely spurred,
I, at this crossroads,
ever-inspiring crossroads,
choose love's path undeterred.