Max's Point of View

I shiver even though I feel like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man with how many clothes I'm wearing. Craig looks over and grins at me. He's bundled up too, but not as much. He may live in Arizona, but that man doesn't feel cold, I swear.

We're in London for the winter, touring and relaxing, though mostly for the latter; getting away from everything that's been going on lately. It's for the Ronnie situation mostly, though, because people won't stop talking about it. I know I can't run away from it for forever, but I was getting so stressed and so was the band, so we decided to take a vacation.

Craig points to a coffee house and I smile and rush inside. I sigh as the warm air hits my face and my shoulders relax. I sit at a booth and just breathe through my nose for a few seconds, letting myself relax and calm down. Craig sits across from me and grins at the look on my face.

"Feels good, eh? I'm gonna go get some coffee, want anything?" He asks me. I smile at his soft voice and nod my head lazily.

"Just some hot chocolate. I don't care if it's flavored or not." Craig nods his head, takes his mittens off and places them on the table, then walks up to the counter. I look at my surroundings and I'm not surprised to see warm brown caramel colors and giant windows at the front. Soft, slow music is playing and I can feel myself relaxing even more.

Craig walks back with a mug of coffee for himself, and a mug of hot chocolate for me. I would normally go for coffee, but with the snow and cold weather, I couldn't turn down hot chocolate. I lean forward and smell the warm cup of deliciousness in front of me. I smell a hint of caramel and I grin at Craig.

"Thanks. I really needed this." I tell him, and he nods. He knows that I mean the whole vacation, and not just the cup of hot chocolate. Craig has become my savior throughout this whole experience. He helped keep the band together, and helped me stay positive and alive. If it weren't for him I would probably be out on the streets right now.

Craig looks at me and smiles widely and I tilt my head. "What?" I ask him, questioning why he was looking at me like that.

"You're so cute when you think Max. It's adorable." I blush as he says this and I shake my head. Craig just laughs and crosses his legs.

"Thanks, I guess. I don't really try…" I tell him, trying to fight down the pink hue that I know has consumed my face. I finally take a sip of the hot chocolate sitting in front of me and I moan as the warm drink slides down my throat. Craig just takes another sip of his coffee, whilst still smirking at my blush.

"How much longer are we staying here? I love it but it's really fucking cold here." Craig grins and opens up his phone to check out his calendar. While he does that, I drink more of my hot chocolate. He flips his phone shut and looks back up at me.

"We're here for about one more week. Then we get on the 12 hour flight back home." I sigh and nod. I pull at my scarf and mess with it while I'm thinking. Craig starts tapping his fingers on the table and I jerk my head up. I took another sip of my hot chocolate, noticing it was almost gone.

I gulp down the rest of my hot chocolate and look at Craig.

"You about ready to go?" He nods and takes his last sips of coffee. We walk out of the café together and I shiver. Craig slips his arm around my shoulders and I try to get closer so we can share body heat. I realize how this must look to other people and I can feel the heat in my face.

Craig squeezes me from the side and I look at him. His face is pretty close to mine and I squeak. Craig chuckles and I can feel his side rubbing against mine, even though I have layers upon layers of clothes on.

Craig looks into my eyes and I blush even more. My face probably looks like a freaking tomato right now. I sigh out loud and try to fight back the heat in my face.

"You have pretty eyes, Max." Oh, that totally helps me with my fight against my blush. I blink and look down, trying (and failing) to getting the fluttering feeling out of my chest. Craig suddenly turns his head forward and starts walking. With the way we're wrapped around each other, I have no choice but to follow him.

We walk past stores and streets, Craig not stopping until we reach our hotel. When we reach the front doors Craig has to pull apart from me and I whimper at the loss of heat. He smiles and opens the door for me, then pulls me back into his arms. I sigh as his warmth surrounds me again and cuddle my head into his chest.

The elevator man looks at Craig and I like we're aliens, but I'm okay with that because I'm surrounded by the pure essence of Craig, which is enough to make anyone relax (1). I lean my head back on his shoulder and Craig nuzzles my cheek, making me giggle at the feeling of his hair on my skin. Craig grins at me and pokes my belly, earning a squeak from me.

The elevator dings when we reach our floor and I let Craig go first, jumping on his back after he passes me. His hands automatically slide around my legs and he turns and smiles at me. I lean my head on his back and my eyes start to droop.

"We'll be to the room in a second, babe." Craig whispers, turning his head back to kiss my cheek. I smile softly back at him, squeezing him with my legs to give him a semi-hug. I lay my head back on his back and breathe in his scent.

Craig reaches into his pocket to get out the room key, sliding it through the card reader, and opens the door. He walks into the room and shuts the door behind him, making me kind of dizzy. Craig shifts me so that he's just carrying me, and not giving me a piggy back ride. I cling to him like a koala bear and my eyes widen when I feel his hands on my ass. I shrug it off since I don't really mind anyways and wrap my arms around his neck again. Craig turns on the lamps and lays me on the bed, making me whimper from the loss of his body heat and not being surrounded by his relaxing aura.

He takes his pants off and throws them in a corner. I slowly slide my own jeans off, letting the fall on the floor. I pull my shirt off and shiver from the cold, waiting for Craig to come back so he can warm me up with his body heat. I snuggle into the blankets on the bed and smile as Craig shows up in front of me, scooting me over so he can fit in the bed.

As soon as he's in he opens his arms for me and I latch on to him, nuzzling my head into his chest. Craig tilts my head up from his chest and I swallow as I see how close his lips are to mine. I can see his eyes flickering from my lips to my eyes and I open my mouth to breathe out. Craig's eyes are completely focused on my lips now and he leans in and covers my mouth with his.

My eyes flutter shut and I gasp lightly as his tongue runs over my lips and he takes the chance to flicker his tongue over mine. Our dance continues and I have to pull away before I pass out from lack of air. I look into Craig's eyes and I smile, watching as he grins lazily at me. I rest my head back on his chest as his hand reaches up to pet my hair.

I can feel my eyes slowly shutting and before I fall asleep I hear Craig mutter under his breath.

"You taste like hot chocolate…"