Because I love you

Because I love you,

I cry

Because I love you,

I pray

Because I love you,

I mourn

Because I love you,

I live

Because I love you,

I feel

Because I love you,

I die...

If tears

were blood

I'd be dead

SO long ago

Because I've cried enough to full rivers again

and I don't even dare to dream

'cause I shall always awake...

Words don't come easy

Out of a broken heart

how can I say what I feel

when words are thin glass

I speak, and I break

a secret; things

are never worth the same


Look at yourself

in the mirror

Do you like

what you see


...Look again

You can't change

what you are

can you?

I don't mean

your appearance

but that thing

behind your


(Dead) She's dead, there's

nothing left to do

At last she rests,

where she always wanted

free from greed and hatred

and fear, and hate.

And she will be with the

one she loved

together, at last

away from slander

and lies




Ripped inside

Shattered into pieces

Torn apart

I try to find a reason

You don't love me

I shouldn't need you

Then what just happened?

I'm standing here,

alone, thinking

if I will ever learn

you can't trust a soul

not even yourself

and that's why

I have, again, to stand here,




My heart is scarred

I stand alone

having lost my innocence to

the wounds of a hurting world

And my tears will testify

as I look for a place to hide

that my scars still bleed and I

just want to find a home

Somewhere to feel

safe, warm and loved

But in this world ther's no such place

and so I'll stand alone

Lost again, inside of me a dead child

and a heart shattered into pieces

that's all I've got

There's no such thing as love, only lust to warm our bodies

while we can't warm our hearts