I have been so lone

I have been so hurt

Painful is neglection

But I shall get used

Ever since you came

You didn't know

I cheated on you

For sorrow was my lover

And on pain I relied

As these legs you tear apart are scarred

and matching are my arms

My lovers won't let me sleep at night

Pain is beautiful, darkness his cloak

and hot is his embrace as is my blood running down

I stare into his coal eyes, and clasp his ruby hair

and beg him not to leave me

because there's the one

who will show up when he's left

the one you forced upon me,

with blue moon eyes (dyed in melancholy)

and pale lips

ghastly figure

whose long fingers caress my chest in the cold marble touch

and marble there is laid, with all his weight of stone

she's not as beautiful

her name is Sorrow, and she's obsessed with me

in exchange she gives me my talent

I look around, Pain and Sorrow come walking hand in hand

they say they have something to show me

first I must allow them in

So both take over my body

and then I open my eyes and see

Is it a boy or girl?

Its eyes are wide, the color of the moon

and night colored hair falls down its neck to its waist

its skin is paler than clouds I used to look at

suddenly Pain holds me tighter, then he's gone

I stare at the nymph, it's the

most beautiful thing I've ever seen

Sorrow kisses my chest goodbye

we are left alone

"My name is Death" it whispers

with sweeter voice than sugar

and its icy lips are locked with mine

and there is nothing more...