Hayley's Point Of View

I whimper as the thunder roars and the lightning strikes. I have hated thunder storms ever since I was little. The thunder is the worst part. I get up out from under my covers and walk over to my window.
My neighbor had the same fear I did. When it rains we are both awake and we always look to see if the other was awake or if the other had gotten lucky and fell asleep before the storm.
I look out my window and see Josh waving at me from his window. I smil and decide to do something neither of us had done before. I opened my window and motioned for him to do the same. He does as I ask looking confused. I jump from my window to his. It's only about a foot away so it's not impossible. I just have to jump a little and I'm in. "Hey." Josh says, smiling. I smile back and wave my index finger. "Hey. I just wanted to come over so I made it easy on you." I reply.

"Okay then. Why don't we lie down?" Josh suggests. We are best friends so it didn't bother us cuddling up to one another. That is usually what we do anywhere. I've gotten a lot of shit about it. I have been called a whore a million times.
I snuggle up to Josh underneath the covers. His chest was warm and made me heat up quickly. (NOT LIKE THAT!) Josh's arm slides around my waist and I put my nose into his neck and inhale deeply. Josh always smells like cinnamon and his own particular scent.
"Are you smelling me?" Josh asks, chuckling. "Yes, you always smell really good. Like cinnamon and your own special scent. I love it." I shoot back. "Why, thank you." Josh replies not knowing how to respond to someone telling him he smells good.
I wrap my arms around Josh's chest and pull him closer. He always make me feel safe from the cruel world we live in. "Hey, Josh?" I question him seeing if he had fallen asleep yet. "Yeah, Hayley." He answers me.

"Have you ever felt completely at peace with someone? Like whenever you're with them all of your worries fade away and nothing else matters?" I ask him, describing my feelings to him. "Yeah. Like when your arms brush electric shocks go up your arm. And when you feel like you could stare at them for hours and never get bored." Josh says softly. "Wow, Josh, never thought you'd be a softie…" I comment, lightly chuckling. "Hey, it's not my fault I'm sensitive." Josh says using a gay guy's voice, making me giggle loudly. "SHUSH!" Josh yell-whispered. I giggled and snuggle into Josh again. "I wish I could stay like this forever, Josh." I state. Josh just sighs and says, "I wish we could too Hayley, I wish we could too."

-Authors POV!-

Josh always knew he had liked Hayley. Ever since she moved in next to him in 9th grade he could tell they were going to be together their whole life. Either as lovers or best friends, which ever she chose.

"Hayley?" Josh questions. "What?" Hayley answers back. "I love you." Josh states as if he said it every day. "I love you too Josh." Hayley repeats back to him. "No, I mean I really like you. As in, more than friends like. You know when you were describing your feelings a little while ago. I feel like that whenever I'm around you. I try to remember everything you say so that I can replay it in my head and never miss your voice." Josh whispers in the heat of the moment. He can't believe that those words had just come out of his mouth. That was the most serious thing he had ever said in his life.

"Oh my gosh. Josh I like you too! I have liked you ever since I moved in from Tennessee." Hayley whispered excitedly. "Well, we have lost a lot of time then." Josh says.
They kiss just to seal the deal and Josh whispers, "Hayley, will you be my girlfriend?"

Hayley squeals and kisses him again, cuddling into him afterward. 'Maybe thunder isn't so bad after all.' Hayley thinks.