I walked onto the bus, not noticing that it was only Max and I. Max slid past me towards the bunks and I looked after him confused. After every show Max and I would sit down and have a beer, then talk about the crowd.

I walked to the bunks, following Max silently. I looked around the bunk area and noticed that his bunk curtain was slightly open at the end. I tiptoed to the little opening of light. When I looked inside, I couldn't believe my eyes.

There, right in front of me, was something so hot and sexy, that it made my dick ache and throb in pain. Max was groaning and pumping his cock hard and fast. His other hand was making itself down to his asshole, making me almost moan at how hot this was.

My own hand started rubbing my throbbing need as Max's finger slid into his tight pink hole. I whimpered, rubbing harder. I looked at Max's face and I couldn't take it anymore. I climbed on top of Max, and he looked at me in surprise.

I attached my lips to his and roughly opened his mouth to let my tongue in. I then took his hard cock in my hand and started rubbing roughly. "Craig!" My name spilt out of his mouth, making me want him that much more.

"Max, I need you, oh my God, I need you so bad!" I whispered to him, rubbing my jean covered cock into his thigh, making him whimper. He started rubbing himself into my jeans, loving the friction.

"Get… your… clothes… off!" He breathed into my mouth, tugging at my shirt. My shirt came off, and next was my pants, then my boxers. Our hot needs were rubbing against each other, making us gasp in pleasure.

"Craig, I need you in me… NOW!" Max screamed, making me groan out at just the thought. I put my fingers near Max's mouth and he sucked on them, making me whimper at the heat of his mouth. I put my fingers near his puckered hole and started preparing him. At two fingers, he whined, but didn't really complain much. At three fingers he yelped and his eyes started watering. Then, I hit the precious spot inside of him that made stars appear before his eyes.

"Right there, Craig, oh my god! Right there!" I knew that he was ready.

My positioned my dick near his entrance and pushed in slowly, watching Max's face as tears ran down. I leaned down and kissed them away, cringing as I thought about the pain I was causing him. I pumped in and out of him slowly, letting him get used to my size.

After a few minutes Max cried out in ecstasy, and screamed out my name. "Faster!" I knew that I could get rough with him now as long as I kept hitting his prostate. Every time I hit that special spot Max gasped, whimpered, moaned, or screamed, depending on how hard I hit it. I pumped Max's erection in time with my thrusts.

"I'm close!" Max whispered to me, to filled with pleasure to scream. "Me too!" My thrusts got uneven and faster as we both got closer and closer to our orgasms.

Max screamed out and his walls clenched around me, making my orgasm come hard and fast. I collapsed on top of Max and kissed his forehead. Max smiled up at me and promptly fell asleep.

I smiled down at the tired bass player and cuddled up behind him, kissing his neck.

"Good night, Max. I love you."