Logan's POV

I run into Dylan's room to grab one of his spare swimsuits. I pull out the first one I see, which happens to be black and red, and race to the bathroom to change. I put the suit on and knock on Dylan's door impatiently.

"Dyl, hurry up! I really want to swim! I haven't been to your house in a week! It's been killing me!" I practically scream at his door. Dylan opens the door and I grab his bicep and pull. "Jeezus, could you take any longer." I smile at Dylan and tug on his arm again. "Hurry the fuck up!" Dylan finally starts walking, well, more like running, down the stairs with me and I grin up at him.

We finally make it to his back door and I scream and fling the door open. I run towards the sparkling blue water but two hands around my waist stop me. "You aren't getting anywhere near my pool until you put sun block on." Dylan gives me a look as I start to whine. "Remember what happened last time?" I sigh in defeat and hold my hand out.

Instead of squirting the gross smelling SPF 45 in my hands Dylan motions for me to turn around. I do as he says and gasp as his cold hands touch my back. "Fuck, dude! Your hands are freezing!" I tell him.

"It's the sun block. Now stop moving!" I finally stop twitching from the coldness and let his hands sooth the lotion into my back. I find myself relaxing as he massages my shoulders. I slightly tip over and the back of my head falls on his shoulders. He reaches to get more lotion and rubs in on his hands, then places them on my chest. I hiss from the coldness but find myself enjoying his touch. My cheeks burn and I know that I'm blushing. I wait until Dylan is finished putting the lotion on my torso and I pull away from him, running to get to the diving board.

Dylan is laughing as I start jumping up and down on the diving board. I soon flip into the lukewarm water and resurface, looking for Dylan. I scream as arms wrap themselves around my waist, attempting to drag me down. I flip around in Logan's arms and gasp as I see how close his face is to mine.

His chocolate brown eyes stared at me, daring me to lean in and kiss him. I let my eyes flutter shut and I lean into his warm body, letting my lips lightly brush his. Dylan pressed his lips harder against mine, making my lips just barely fall open. His tongue slips into my mouth and I moan, pressing my bare torso against his and loving the feeling of the water and his skin sliding across mine.

I pull away for a moment then put my lips right back on his, starting where we left off. I can feel Dylan smiling and I pull back and grin at him. My arms are around his neck and my legs are around his waist. I'm suddenly pulled against Dylan's body and we're moving towards the stairs. As we're moving I start kissing Dylan's neck, biting every so often. I smile as Dylan moans, his steps faltering. We finally make it to the stairs and Dylan sits down so that my legs are on either side of him and I'm one step higher than he is.

I grab his face in my hands and kiss his perfect lips. I smile as he tickles my sides. I break away from our kiss and start wiggling.

"Babe, you might want to stop. A few unnecessary problems might arise." I laugh at Dylan's corny joke. I then start grinding my hips into his stomach. I moan as my dick rubs against his bear stomach. Dylan watches my face and smiles.

"God, you're beautiful." He says, wrapping his long arms around my waist. I place my chin on top of his head, inhaling his scent. I smile and he looks up at me. I bend down to capture his lips in a passionate kiss. I shake my head.

"You have it all wrong. You are the beautiful one." Dylan smiles at me and pulls me down by my hair to kiss me again. I moan as he pulls at my hair. I whimper slightly as Dylan stops our kiss to laugh lightly. He shakes his head and pulls me down again.

I shiver and Dylan looks at me, and then picks me up again. I wrap my arms around his neck as he steps out of the pool and walks over to my hot tub. I grin at him as he pulls the cover off and sets me gently on the side. I watch as he grabs the remote and turns on the lights and jets. I smile as I slip back into the hot tub, watching as Dylan walks up the steps to get in. He sits down next to me and I crawl on top of him, making sure to brush my hands over his chest.

"Tease," He whispers into my ear. I grin maliciously, showing him my intent. I push my hands against his chest and nibble on the shell of his year.

"You know you like it." I grin at him and bite down his chest, sucking at random points. I hiss as the hot water burns my skin, but I get down on my knees to get more access to Dylan's body. I bite extra hard as he moans and writhes in my hands. Dylan thrusts his hips up to show me what he wants and I lick his hip bone, nipping at it as he shivers. He stands up to make his point clear.

"Just blow me already!" He moans, grabbing my hair in his hands. I pull at his swim trunks, tugging them down till they were all the way off. I grabbed his erection with my hand and started jerking him off, loving his moans and the way his hips thrust up into my hand.

I finally gave in and took Dylan's dick into my mouth. His head slipped past my teeth, and I was careful not to bite. My mouth slowly started working further and further down Dylan, his moans rising in volume. I can sense that he's about to come so I pull away and he whimpers, showing me his displeasure.

"It's okay; we'll get to something much better." I purr, making him shiver. Dylan smiles at me and grabs his dick, moaning as he jerks himself. I smile at the scene, but realize that Dylan is about to come, and I can't have that yet. I pull his hand away and sit him down.

"Do you want to prepare me, or watch me prepare myself?" I ask him, grinning as I look at Dylan's face. His eyes are wide and he's staring at me with a look of pure surprise. I don't think he thought that I would do it, so I put three fingers in my mouth and sat him down, placing myself so he could see.

I circle my finger around my hole, smiling at the look on his face. He watches me, his face awestruck. I love the sudden control I have over him and slowly push my finger in, moaning his name. His face turns red and he puts his hand on his dick, groaning as I push another in. I stretch my fingers out, barely hitting my prostate. I almost scream his name as I rub my fingers up against my prostate.

Dylan finally has had enough and takes my fingers out, replacing them with his own. He adds another finger and I scream as his fingers ram into my prostate. Finally, I stop him and sit him back down, sliding my body down his.

"And now I'm going to ride you like a cowboy." I tell him, smiling as he grabs my hips. I slide down onto his dick, slightly hissing in pain. I got all the way down and sat with my forehead against his for a minute. My body slowly adjusts to his and I start grinding my body down, smiling at the delicious friction that it causes.

Dylan takes my hips back into his hands and helps me move up and down on his cock, making him groan in pleasure. I rock against his body, moaning and screaming in pleasure as I find my prostate and make him hit it repeatedly.

"Dylan, ughh, I'm coming!" I somehow manage to get out to him. My body is shaking from the pleasure and I scream his name as I come. A few more thrusts and Dylan is coming into my body, making me shudder.

I rest my head on his shoulder and breathe heavily for a while. I smile and kiss his shoulder and look at his face. What I see there is breath taking and I lean in and kiss him. We lean away and I smile and say, "I love you."

He grins back and says, "I love you too."

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