Patrick's Point Of View

I walk into the club, smiling as I feel the bass vibrate my bones. I take a look around at all the sparkly and glitter shirts and leather pants. The smell of alcohol and sex invades my senses and I walk forward into the herd of people dancing and drinking.

As I make my way to the bar I notice how many people are dressed in drag and doing drugs. I look to my left and my eyes widen as I see a guy that looks a lot like Pete. I just shake my head and close my eyes for a while. I just want him to be here, so I'm seeing him. Mind tricks. Ugh.

I look at the bartender and get a Screwdriver, heavy on the vodka. I wince as it burns down my throat and look back out at the dance floor. I see another flash of a guy who looks like Pete and sigh. Pete isn't here! He doesn't dress in drag, except for that one time that Gabe dared him to… but he's not gay!

I finish my Screwdriver and walk out to the dance floor, getting pulled in by random hands and dancing with random guys. I don't hesitate as I roll my hips back and dance to brokeNCYDE. Suddenly there's a pair of hands on my hips and somebody's hips are rolling into mine, grinding down on me. I open my eyes and I gasp as I look into Pete's caramel colored eyes. He just smiles at me and continues grinding down on me.

The next song coming from the speakers makes me groan. "Fer Sure" by The Medic Droid has taken over the club and just about everyone is watching Pete and I. I shut my eyes and buried my face in Pete's neck as my breathing got heavier and everyone cheered around us. Pete and I are practically having sex with clothes on. Thinking about this I look at Pete's attire and grin.

"Tranny much, Pete?" I ask him and I laugh as he pouts. I know how important his appearance is to him and I kiss his cheek. "It's sexy."

Pete looks at me in surprise and I smile softly. Pete leans in toward me and stops right before he gets to my lips. I whimper and he grins. Finally, he melds his lips to mine and after that it's all passion, love, and ecstasy.

I hear wolf whistles and hoots all around us and as we pull back I blush. Pete just smiles at me and wraps his arms around my waist. He then grabs my hand and leads me outside to his car.

I grin as he pushes me up against the car and starts making out with me. Our tongues are dancing and our bodies are grinding against each other. Pete opens the back door and shoves me inside. I can taste the alcohol in his mouth and I can feel his hardness up against my leg. Our clothes are soon getting torn off and our hands are all over each other.

Kick off your stilettos
And fuck me in the backseat

The song unintentionally runs through my mind and I grin, which soon turns into a moan as Pete grinds down on me, the only thing between us is our thin cotton boxers. Pete gets me out of those real quick but before I take his off I tease him by kissing down his gorgeous chest and playing with the elastic waistband of his bright teal boxers with ducks on them.

"Mmmgh," Pete moans as I slowly pull his boxers off, making sure to touch his dick lightly as I slide them down. I start running my fingers over his cock, listening to his delicious moans and whimpers. I quickly bring my mouth right over the head of his hardness and wait a few seconds, letting my breath ghost over him.

Pete runs his fingers through my hair and lightly pushes my head down, telling me what he wants. I just grin up at him and run my tongue along his slit, prolonging his torture. Finally, I take him in my mouth and start moving my head, groaning as Pete tugs on my hair. The vibrations of my moan make him shiver and almost scream my name.

"I'm close." He tells me, tightening his grip on my hair. I reach my hand up to fondle his balls, knowing that it will be enough to make him come.

" 'Trick!" Pete moans as his jizz squirts down my throat. (1) I swallow all that I can but some spills down my chin. Pete takes one look at me and groans, loving the site of his seed on my face. I grin at him and lick at the small bit that I didn't swallow. I kiss Pete, letting him taste himself.

Soon, we are fucking in the backseat of Pete's car. No preparation, no lube, just dry and fast. Pete thrusting into me as hard and as fast as he can, and I'm screaming his name in pain and pleasure with tears falling down my face, not ever wanting it to stop.

After we both come, not knowing who came first, Pete collapses on me. We're a giant mess of sweaty, tangled limbs. Pete lays his head on my chest and falls asleep. I pet his hair for a while, but soon my eyes are drooping and I'm off into dream land.

(1) It was soooo weird writing this line. XD
I know it's not that long but it was pretty last minute:/