Max's Point Of View

"Max, we are not playing that song." Craig tells me, pacing in front of the bunks. I look at him angrily.

"Craig, it's just a stupid song. Why not!?"I look him straight in the eye but when he gives me the 'it's-not-just-a-stupid-song-and-you-know-it' look, I have to look away.

"Max, you know who that song is about. Fuck, you wrote it! I don't want to even think about Ronnie on this tour! This one was supposed to be about us, just you and me. Warped tour was ours. No Ronnie involved." Craig looks at the ground as he says this.

"I just want it to be about us. I want you to be all mine. Ronnie is gone and I want it to stay that way. I love you and I never want to leave you or have you leave me. You are everything to me.

My eyes soften as Craig says this and I reach out to hug him. Craig falls into my embrace and I feel him sigh. I run my hands along his back as he lets go of all the thoughts in his mind.

"Babe, it is about us. Forever. Craig, I may have written 'Harder Than You Know' about Ronnie, but it can apply to other people. I love you baby and you know that." I pull away from him as I say this, looking into his chocolate brown eyes. Craig smiles softly at me and kisses my neck lightly.

"I love you too, Maxxy…" I breathe in his scent, smiling at the familiar smell of pure Craig. Craig pulls away from me and drags me down the hallway of our tour bus to the couch. He lays down and opens his arms to invite me to lay with him.

I smile and got over to snuggle up with him. I wrap my arms around his torso and he laughs as my fingers lightly trail over his sides.

"So can we play it, Craig? Please?" I beg him, looking up at him from my position on his chest. Craig sighs and nods his head. I grin and kiss him.

"I promise I'll make it worth it! After our set and everything just come back to the bus so I can make it up to you."I wink at him. Craig's eyes light up and I giggle, a blush dusting over my cheeks.

After the set

Craig's Point Of View

After the show I rush to get to the tour bus, almost running over Robert on my way out of the venue. Robert looks at me and shakes his head.

"Dude, I am not hearing any of this shit tonight. I'm going out to a club or strip bar or something. I'll take Brian with me so you guys can have tonight alone." I nod to him in thanks and he heads back into the venue to find Brian.

I walk onto the bus and grab a water bottle from the fridge and sit on the couch to wait for Max. I take a few sips from my water bottle and start thinking about what Max and I would end up doing tonight. I start getting hard just thinking about it and I slide my hand down and start palming myself through my jeans.

I picture Max above me, teasing me and I moan loudly. I can imagine the things he'd be doing to me.

I jump a little as I feel lips brushing against my neck and hands running up my thighs.

"Starting without me babe?" I take my hand off of my package and push Max's hands towards the growing bulge. He starts rubbing me through my jeans and I can't help but to thrust up into his touch. Max giggles slightly in my ear and I smile at the beautiful sound.

"Let's take this to the bunks, eh?" Max asks me. I nod in agreement and grab his hands to pull him to my bunk in the back of the bus.
And the fun begins.