Craig's Point Of View

Max shoves me into his bunk and crawls on top of me, tearing his shirt over his head. He's quickly grabbing at mine, pulling it over my shoulders. His hands are soon on my torso and running over my skin. I moan as his hands roam over my body. He finds my belt and starts unbuckling it, kissing my stomach impatiently.

When he finally gets my belt undone he quickly gets my zipper down and pulls them down enough to realize that I wasn't wearing boxers.

"Oh, you dirty little boy!"Max grins at me. I smirk at him and thrust my hips up demandingly. Max grabs the edge of my jeans and pulls them down so that my dick is visible. He licks his lips and looks up at me, running his hand up my thigh towards my cock. I swallow and whimper, letting him know how much I want him to touch me.

Max grins and finally starts running his hands up my now very hard dick. I thrust my hips up into his hand and moan as he flicks his thumb over my slit. He slowly pumps his hands over my cock and brings his head down over it.

He lets his breath hover over it, making me beg him with my eyes. Max's tongue flickers over the tip and I gasp and attempt to thrust my dick into his mouth, but he has one hand on my hips holding me down. He gives me a warning look and takes me into his mouth. I sigh in pleasure and throw my head back as he does amazing things with his tongue.

I get closer to coming and I tug on Max's hair a little. He pulls away grinning. He crawls back up my body and kisses me, grabbing behind me to grab some lube. While he's busy I'm pulling his pants down his legs and kicking my own off.

Max opens my hand and pours some strawberry scented lube over my fingers. I make sure to coat them liberally as to not hurt Max. I flip us so that I'm on top and grin down at him. He makes a whimpering sound and my dick twitches at the sound.

I quickly put two of my fingers into Max's entrance. He's still slightly loose from last time, but each time I enter him, it feels as if he's as tight as when we first made love. Yes, I say made love, I do not fuck Max. Max groans and pushes himself down on my fingers, trying to get them to brush up against his prostate. I purposefully put my fingers in a spot where they can't get anywhere near his prostate. I add another finger and Max growls at me, letting me know that he doesn't enjoy being teased.

I pull my fingers out of Max's ass and grab the lube and slather some on my dick. I push Max's legs up over my shoulders and place my tip at his hole. Max is so horny that he can't even get words out but the sounds that he's making make me want to fuck him raw. I slowly enter him, watching his face as I brush past his prostate.

"Craig, just fuck me already!" I grunt at the word fuck and start doing as he commanded. Max's hips are meeting my thrusts and I love the feeling of being complete. We're both moaning and scratching at each other. Max cries out loudly and I know that I've found his prostate. Every time I hit it he clenches around me and I feel myself getting closer to my orgasm.

I reach in between our sweaty bodies and start pumping Max. I grind down when I thrust into him and Max almost screams my name. I know he's close and I know exactly how to get him to that point.

I look at him, whisper "I love you," and moan his name loudly. Max looks into my eyes and his come splatters over our torsos. As he comes he tightens around me and I come into him, whispering his name.

I pull my dick out of Max and roll over next to him. We're both panting heavily and I reach for the blanket at the end of the bed. After I cover us up I wrap my arms around him and cuddle with him.

Max looks at me and smiles softly. "I love you, Craig." I grin and start singing.

"Not loving you is harder than you know."