The one that got away.

That's what I'll always consider him as.

When everything was falling apart, I blamed him.

It wasn't until years later that I blamed myself.

It's tough when you grasp that the one person who had the ability to make you smile, to make you laugh, to hold your hand, and to make you feel like anything is attainable, has vanished forever and you have no one to hold responsible, but yourself.

It's hard when you wake up and evoke that your alone, but you didn't have to be.

I could've been happy, if I let myself…

I wouldn't because I was stubborn, foolish, and afraid.

There's so many things that I wish I had said.

I wish I had told him that I loved him.

I never did.

I should have…

I never did.

Now he'll always be the one that got away.