Author's Note: This is a story that I've been working on for a while. I have much more of it written than any of the other stories I've attempted to put up here so I'm much more confident that I'll be able to keep up the writing and it'll stay around for a long time. The first few chapters are more of a prologue or foreword than part of the actual storyline. I hope you like it.

Charles was at that happy place between buzzed and drunk. He was content to sit on the couch and enjoy the feeling while starring at the fizzing bubbles at the bottom of his pint glass. The party was winding down and there wasn't many people still around but Charles was enjoying the happy feeling too much to move, much less call a taxi and head home.

Charles looked up when he realized that there was someone standing in front of him and starring at him. Charles recognized the person in front of him as the hosts' son but couldn't remember the boy's name. Not wanting to seem rude, Charles offered up the best smile he could offer in his slightly drunken state, even if it was a bit goofy.

"Hey kid, what's up?" Charles asked the boy.

"It's my birthday today." The boy told Charles.

"Well then, happy birthday." Charles said. The boy didn't reply but rather just stood there watching Charles. Charles found himself a bit uncomfortable under the boy's gaze and had the urge to start talking. "Did you have a good birthday? It's too bad your parents had to host this office bash on your birthday. It must have been boring surrounded by adults, I didn't notice any others around your age here."

"Oh, we were all downstairs. You're Charles right?"

Charles was a bit baffled that the boy knew him, he was pretty sure that this was the first time he'd ever met the boy. "Yep, that's me."

"I've seen you around the office. I worked in the mail room over the summer." The boy said taking a seat on the couch beside Charles.

Charles tried to remember if he had met the boy over the summer but couldn't bring up memories very well in his inebriated state. "I can't say I remember you, I'm sorry to say, but that could be because I've had a couple beverages too many tonight."

"I'm Jeremiah." The boy said moving over so he was sitting close enough that his thigh was pressed against Charles'.

Charles fidgeted a bit with the boy so close. "Nice to meet you Jeremiah."

"Call me 'Miah." Jeremiah told Charles looking at him expectantly. When Charles acknowledged this with a nod, Jeremiah leaned in closer to Charles until their lips were just inches apart. "Will you be my Master?"

Charles jerked away from Jeremiah. "What?" He exclaimed pushing the boy away from him.

"I want you to be my Master. I watched you all summer. You're nice to everyone and you're patient and explain exactly how you want things done. You always make sure that there are those cookies that secretary likes and those candies for my mom. You'd make a good Master, I can tell."

"Look kid," Charles began a bit baffled at what the boy was saying, "You're what? Fourteen, fifteen max? You have no idea what you're asking. Even if you did, I'm way too old for you."

"I know exactly what I'm asking," Jeremiah said moving back from where Charles had pushed him until he was pressed up against Charles' side again. "And you're not too old for me. I'm fifteen now and you're only twenty-one. Six years is nothing."

"Six years is everything kid…"

"Not kid, 'Miah."

"Fine, 'Miah. Six years is everything when you're underage. Even if I was interested in what you're talking about, I'd end up in jail just touching you."

Jeremiah grinned at Charles. "I knew you'd agree and if it's just my age that's stopping you, that's fine. We can wait for sex until I'm eighteen, it's not that big of a deal."

"Woah, kid…" Charles rolled his eyes when Jeremiah glared at his use of kid, "Sorry, 'Miah. I never said I was interested."

"You wouldn't be worried about my age if you weren't interested. If you weren't, you would've walked away by now and said something to my parents." Jeremiah commented sounding pleased with himself.

Charles could feel the buzzing in his head turning into dizziness and the conversation with Jeremiah wasn't helping the feeling. Charles leaned his head back against the couch and closed his eyes. He pressed his fingers against the bridge of his nose trying to lessen the feeling of surrealism that was starting to surround him. He sat there for a long moment trying to figure out what was going on. Charles gave up on when his swirling mind finally decided that nothing about the situation made sense to begin with.

Charles decided he just wasn't sober enough to deal with Jeremiah so he was just going to humour the boy for the night. It's not like he'd ever see the boy again anyways, he'd just make sure to never come to another office party held at his house.

"Fine kid, 'Miah, whatever." Charles said with a sigh not opening his eyes or lifting his head off the back of the couch.

"I knew you'd agree." Charles could hear the joy in Jeremiah's voice.

"Yeah, yeah. Do me a favour 'Miah and call me a cab. It's late and I'm in no shape to drive."

"Yes Master." Jeremiah said.

Charles could feel the couch move as Jeremiah stood up. Charles breathed a sigh of relief a moment too soon. Charles was shocked when he felt Jeremiah give him a quick kiss on the lips before walking away. Opening his eyes, Charles starred at the ceiling and reminded himself that he'd never have to see the boy again.