After dinner, they lingered over coffee. There was a calmness that had fallen over the table as dinner progressed and no one wanted to break it by speaking.

Charles finally broke the silence. "Thank you for the meal Kit, it was delicious."

"You're welcome Charles and thanks."

Charles nodded his welcome to Kit. "Oscar, Kit, I need to talk with Jeremiah for a bit. You are more than welcome to stay, if not we'll talk tomorrow."

"Of course Charles." Oscar said as Charles stood up and walked out of the room with Jeremiah following. Oscar and Kit exchanged a look. They knew they would be staying in case either of their friends needed their support.

Charles said nothing as he closed the bedroom door behind Jeremiah. He looked over Jeremiah for a long moment then moved to sit on the side of the bed. "Come here Poppet." Charles said motioning Jeremiah forward.

Jeremiah moved across the room and at a gesture from Charles knelt at Charles feet. Charles thought for a moment on how to start what he had to say as he looked Jeremiah in the eye.

"Poppet, we have a lot to talk about. I will not allow any interruptions while I speak. If you have questions or concerns I will give you time after I'm done to bring them up. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." Jeremiah said.

"Good. First thing to mention is that as of today you are on personal leave from work. I have spoken with your company's human resources and with your department manager, they have agreed. I have spoken with Oscar and any projects that you have sole responsibility for will be dropped off at the house for you to complete. I have made arrangements for a drafting table, computer with all the necessary programs and all other supplies you require to be set up in the study. As for myself, I have taken two weeks vacation. After the next two weeks, I will evaluate our situation and see where to go from there."

Charles noticed that Jeremiah had opened his mouth to speak and shook his head to remind Jeremiah that he wasn't allowed to speak.

"As of this moment, you will not be allowed to leave this house without permission and an escort. Since I'm revoking any approvals of the people who had escort rights, I am the only escort you have. This means that for the foreseeable future, you will be with me 24/7. Since you may not leave the house without permission, you will no longer be able to take your daily runs. Instead I have arranged to have a personal trainer come and work with you. We will also be training under a martial arts instructor that I have been recommended. He specializes in working with the self-mastery and discipline parts of martial arts. He will be working with both of us individually and together. I believe that both of us could use some work on our discipline. Do you understand what I have told you so far?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. From now on you will call me Master except when in the company of the general public. In those cases, you will call me 'sir' when possible. For the next two weeks, you will be silent at all times unless spoken directly to. When asked a question, you will answer with as few words as needed, using 'Yes Master' or 'No Master' as often as you can. You will not be allowed to answer the door or the telephone. You will not be accepting phone calls or visits. If you must make a phone call for work, I will be in the room during the entire conversation. Your term of silence and isolation may be extended or lifted at any time during the two weeks depending on your actions."

Charles had watched Jeremiah turn paler the longer he spoke and the more restrictions he placed on Jeremiah. Charles wondered if he was being too strict but reminded himself that this is what Jeremiah had asked for and that Jeremiah needed only to speak a few words and it would all stop.

"These restrictions may seem harsh and I realize that it will take time for us to adjust but that is the point of the next two weeks. We need the time to reconnect to each other, refocus on our relationship. It will also give us time to choose if this, if a relationship between us, is really what we want. Do you have any comments or questions about anything I have said?"

"Just one Master," Jeremiah paused taking a deep breath, "Do the restrictions on visits include Kit and Oscar?"

"For the next two weeks, yes. Oscar understands what I am trying to accomplish and is fully supportive of it. He is probably explaining everything to Kit right now and Kit will follow Oscar's wishes. I know that Kit is very important to you and I will never ask you to give up his friendship but for the moment, your entire focus should be on me and the relationship you want with me. Understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Anything else you would like to say?"

"No Master."

"I guess the only to do now is ask if you are willing to cooperate. You only need to speak your release and this all ends. If you end it, you will be ending our relationship as it has been for the past five years and maybe even ending our relationship completely if we can't adjust. Do you wish to say anything now?"

"No Master."

"So you willingly accept the new rules and will obey them?"

"Yes Master."

"Okay." Charles took a deep, relieved sigh. "Stand up Poppet."

Jeremiah stood and for the first time since the talk started met Charles' gaze. Charles moved quickly and grabbed Jeremiah pulling him close. Fingers digging into Jeremiah's arms, Charles captured Jeremiah's lips in a deep, needy kiss filled with the turmoil of emotions running through his mind. Breaking the kiss, Charles stripped the clothes from Jeremiah before stripping off his own.

Jeremiah yelped as Charles roughly pushed him down back onto his knees. Leaning down Charles claimed Jeremiah's lips again. Jeremiah gasped at the bruising kiss and couldn't move but grab onto Charles' thighs with his hands and return the kiss with just as much need.

Charles shifted, pushing Jeremiah's head towards his erect cock. Jeremiah licked his lips before moving and taking Charles' cock in his mouth. Charles groaned deeply as Jeremiah used his hands, tongue and teeth to bring him to the edge of ecstasy. Jeremiah felt Charles' cock pulse and sucked hard bringing Charles to orgasm. Jeremiah swallowed then used his tongue to clean up what he had missed.

Charles growled low and pulled Jeremiah up onto the bed with him. Another bruising kiss had Jeremiah mewling for attention to his own dripping cock. When Jeremiah shifted and brought one hand to his erection, Charles growled and batted the hand away.

Leaning his mouth close to Jeremiah, Charles growled out "No Poppet. That's mine. You, your body, are mine to do with as I will. Right now I plan on getting as much pleasure out of it as possible. I will make sure you enjoy yourself, you just concentrate on pleasing me."

Charles reached and took Jeremiah's cock in hand. Pumping Jeremiah in sync with his thumping heart, Charles squeezed his hand slightly with every pass. It only took a couple of pumps for Jeremiah to scream out his release.

Charles leaned down over Jeremiah who had collapsed on the bed. "If you weren't still sore from yesterday I would have your legs over my shoulders as I bent you in half fucking you into the mattress. Since I can't have that, I'll just have to see how many times you can make me cum with that delicious mouth of yours."

Jeremiah shivered at the words as Charles massaged his still half-hard cock. "Oh fuck."

Charles grinned at Jeremiah and rolled them over so that Jeremiah was on top. "Well, Poppet, get to work."

Jeremiah leaned up to look Charles in the eye for a moment before nodding and making his way down Charles' body.

Since I've been horrible and haven't updated when I said I would, here's a special treat for any reader's out there still interested in this story…

Author's Sneak Peek

Jeremiah looked up from the book he was reading when he heard rain hitting the window. He dropped the book on his lap and watched the water drip down the glass. Shifting slightly, Jeremiah felt a tightness in his muscles that let him know he'd have to get up and stretch soon before he got to stiff.

The two weeks was almost over and Jeremiah had left the house only to go as far as the back yard. Since Charles hadn't gone any farther he wasn't too concerned about it but looking at the rain Jeremiah wanted to be out there running in it.

Although there were times that Jeremiah chafed under the new rules and restrictions, he found that he actually liked the stricter days. Jeremiah liked knowing what was expected of him every moment of the day. He liked knowing that if he overstepped his boundaries, he would be reminded of it and punished depending on the infraction. Charles had never really stuck with the rules before nor punished Jeremiah for disobeying and Jeremiah liked the fact that Charles was standing firm now. The punishments never passed Jeremiah's pain threshold nor forced him too far out of his comfort zone but they certainly pushed the boundaries at times. Jeremiah figured that Charles was taking the time to find all of Jeremiah's boundaries while everything was still in transition. He also knew that if they decided to keep things as they were, the punishments would probably become harsher but again, Jeremiah found he was okay with that.