The heart is a curious thing.

Two people view the most vital organ

in two very different ways. One, a surgeon

obsessed with the vein filled, blood pumping

organ. The second, an artist filled with the

most colorful insight to the human life-

line. Together, they teach each other

a little more about the heart and

how to truly understand a

complex part of a person

Two people, one

view. And so

we go

Hearts are the most interesting part

of the human body, or so the surgeon thinks.

How the heart can continue with

the blood circulation and constant

pounding is a mystery to him.

The intricate valves and veins,

shaped and molded into a perfect

mass of life support.

His years of school have kept him

From seeing what really could be

In the human heart,

Besides the valves and veins.

The heart is meant for life, not

For much else according to him.

His job requires massive obsession with this lifeline.

He is the one who keeps the life flowing when

it threatens to stop.

The one who keeps the heart pumping for

years to come.

The one who makes sure the ventricles keep

up their intricately difficult work.

That they keep blood circulating in constant motion.

His years of school combined with years of work,

Have shown him the detailed and real heart, but

Not the one really within us.

The true lifeline that supplies us with

Not only blood, but an understanding.

The artist spends her time in a tiny studio,

Holed up as she depicts her view of the human heart,

The general heart drawn on her notebooks in her school years.

The heart everyone draws when they are not thinking, the heart

That shows someone how much you care about them.

Colors mix together as her brush strokes the canvas,

Oranges and reds, pinks and purples, yellows and blues.

Stroke after stroke she paints the well known heart in different ways.

She does not understand the lifeline like the surgeon, she understands

The lifeline as a way to make a living.

Smiling she feels she understands the heart.

Feels she has drawn a deep connection with it.

She senses the heart as a different sort of living,

Not a living human, but as a way of making a living.

Her creativity on paper blockades her from seeing the true heart.

The one really within us.

The one that supplies us with

Not only money, but an understanding.

The artist and the surgeon,

An odd pair at the least, but

Each brings a special part of understanding

To the other.

The artist learns the physical job of the heart and

This helps her with her paintings.

The surgeon learns the creative job of the heart and

This helps him with his career.

Together they forge an understanding.

Together they know the heart is not just

For money and for life, but for something else.

Together they learn the heart is the basin of all emotion.

The artist conveys this understanding in her colorful paintings,

She sells more than she ever has before.

The surgeon conveys this in his difficult job,

He connects with his patients more than he ever has before.

Two people

Two understandings

Forge together to form

The most basic understanding of

The human heart.

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