Danny's fingers caressed the creamy pale skin of his lover's chest –flat as a board, with no breasts, flat but for those pumping, erect, reddish nipples he leaned over and sucked lightly, drawing a deep moan from his lover's throat as he bit mildly the heated skin, as he trailed all along his stomach (hard as a rock, so flat) with his tongue until he reached the parted thighs he motioned swiftly over, fingers and tongue and lips, and suddenly getting his lover's member (for his lover was a man) all the way inside his throat, making his beloved Alec scream in pleasure and thrust forward, as he knew his boyfriend did well with deep-throat, then he let go and ran the tip of his tongue along the pulsing vein, slender fingers stroking his perineum, then making him lay on the bed, on his back, putting Alec's slim legs over his broad shoulders, pushing inside, burying himself into his lover as he yelled and panted, until he gagged him with his own tongue, fingers playing with his nipples, then raising him up, holding him strongly, and Alec just came and it triggered his lover's orgasm, and the world disappeared in a blurry myriad of colours.

Later, much later, Danny was stroking his fingers through Alec's soft, white-blonde mane, and felt how much he loved the sleeping boy lying beside him.

I want to marry you –he whispered into his ear. Alec awakened, startled, and stared at him with wide eyes.

I dreamt you said you wanted to do something illegal

Illegal here, yes, but you're English… and in England they're way more civilized.

You really want to marry… me?

It's the natural thing, when you love someone. I met you at fifteen and we haven't parted. I just want to hold you in my arms forever. And to defy the world breaking the rules once again. I just love you so much… -Danny lowered his gaze, cheeks burning, and was surprised when Alec kissed his lips sweetly.

You really cannot make a speech, now can you? You'd better practise for the wedding –he stated, grinning from ear to ear. Danny wiped away a tear sliding down his cheek and cuddled against his lover.