A.N.: Here's a random poem for you all. I hope you like it.

As she clears the brush and cobwebs from her path,

Traveling into an undiscovered world,

She discards her map,

Knowing the place she's traveling is not charted.

Venturing off the beaten path,

This explorer takes a chance,

Arriving deep within this forgotten land,

The shrubbery and trees blocking all natural light.

The darkness so thick and abundant,

That even owls eyes have to adjust,

Undaunted, she moves on,

The thrill of an undiscovered world coursing through her.

This explorer came prepared,

With a lantern in hand,

With the stroke of a match,

The world unveils itself.

Never before has such beauty been discovered,

A world of colors unfolding,

She drops to her knees and cries,

The beauty overwhelming.

Recovering, she feels a warm prescence,

As the sun peers through,

Spreading sunlight and joy,

Into a place riddled with darkness.

This discovery too amazing to let go,

Too special to share,

The beauty cannot be soiled,

She reasons to herself.

So she throws everything away,

As she sits in this heavenly forest,

Her old life becoming a fragmented memory,

Never tiring of this undiscovered world.

Soon she forgets her old life,

Her world merging with the new,

Living peacefully and happily ever after,

In an undiscovered world.

A.N: Thanks for reading. Can you get the metaphor?