wrap me in your

{roses} and whisper sour

somethings in my

ear because the tears and

the screams and the

darkness are coming and

i don't want to be gone can

you feel it brewing

beneath all of your

good intentions?

all i want is to

be your sunshine and

chase away the

anger that keeps you from

me but the hands that

hold my heart are the

same hands that p.u.s.h me

away and i can't break

through your stone face

[will you let me in, darling?]

just this once won't

you let th s

scream for themselves?

because i'm tired of

fighting my fingers

are bloody and my

tears have forgotten


they stream silently down

my cheeks and leave

trails of sand to mark their

journey my words fade to

dust before they

pass from my lips and

turn to cotton in

your ears because, darling, you

stopped l.i.s.t.e.n.i.n.g long


[truly you stopped caring too, sweetheart, but

my heart doesn't know that yet shhh]

so just wrap me in

your roses and let

me smother in your


[don't run from me]