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Warnings: coarse language, British English and it's a one-shot.

Written in 2007

James sat at the top of the big rock behind the kindergarten he was currently attending, and for the record, he was watching his home village with a sad gleam in his eyes. He was looking at the village with barely any emotions at all, because he didn't know what to feel.

Happiness? Anger? Love? Forgiveness? Sadness?

Even if he didn't know what feeling he should feel right now, he smiled; a soft smile that was hiding the truth.

He closed his eyes as he listened to the music and the laughter coming from the street down below him.

"It's hard to know," he said and closed his eyes for a moment. He studied the people down in the village. They were celebrating. It was Thanksgiving and the kids from his class were down by the market, with their parents. But it wasn't only Thanksgiving. It was his birthday as well.

Today was the day he turned ten, but it was also the day when his parents had to go away for a stupid conference, so he was home with his younger sibling. They hadn't said anything at all... they hadn't said Happy Birthday to him today...

"Hi there," said a voice from behind him and James went stiff. He turned around and was face to face with a raven haired boy with black eyes and a happy smile. He was a McGuillet. James could tell since he saw the McGuillet clan's symbol on the boy's shirt.

"Why are you up here all alone?" asked the McGuillet and sat down next to him. James didn't answer, he was too shocked. This boy was actually talking to him. He was smiling at him and he was sitting close to him because he had chosen to himself.

"Well I like it up here," answered the younger of the two and smiled wide to hide his confused emotions.

"You do? Why?" asked the boy and looked at the view since it could be what the other raven liked to look at up here, but . . .

"I like to be alone sometimes," James answered and started to fidget with the hem of his shirt. "It feels good." He was lying though his teeth.

"It does? But where are your parents? Aren't they worried about you?" the boy asked and looked at James with confusion and curiosity. James didn't answer though. He was ashamed over the fact that his parents were away during his birthday, and that his own sibling hadn't congratulated him, remembered him...

"I don't know," said James and looked away from the raven haired boy.

"But your siblings then?" continued the McGuillet and his curious look became a worried and sad one.

"I've only got a don't know that I'm here, they're probably down there celebrating with their friends," answered James and he wasn't sure if it was such a good idea to tell this kid so much about himself.

"Oh..." the McGuillet said and James expected the boy to leave, but what happened next, shocked him.

"Then I can be with you today!" he cried happily and smiled towards James who stared at him in confusion.

"W-what..." stuttered James and looked at the McGuillet.

"I can be your friend, stupid! Oh, by the way I'm Michael. Michael McGuillet, what's your name?" Michael asked and smiled again.

"James Green, and I'm not stupid! I'll be someone to respect one day!" James said and pouted while Michael looked at him in disbelief.

"How can a stupid person like you become someone big? You're not even in high school yet," Michael said and smirked towards James who stared back.

"Hey! I said that I'm not stupid! And I will become a great person, just watch me! I'm not going back on my word!" shouted James and Michael smirked again.

"You're crazy... James was it?" Michael asked and frowned.

"Look who's talking..." muttered James under his breath.

"What!" asked Michael with a pissed look on his face. "You said what!"

"Obviously the truth!" shouted James and Michael looked ready to fight James.



They were shouting words to each other when the younger of the two turned his back to Michael.

"This is just great. What kind of birthday is this? Normally I can stay by myself, but this guy..." James said in a small voice but Michael heard it and his eyes widen.

"Today is your birthday?" he asked forgot that they had been fighting. "Why are you all alone then? Sure that you can be it on other days, but why on your birthday?"

"I don't think my parents remembered, okay..." said James and Michael could hear that the boy in front of him was sad but he was hiding it.

"Sorry that I shouted names at you," said Michael and James turned his neck so fast that Michael swore he heard it crack.

"You're giving me an apology?" asked the startled boy in shock. "Are you serious?"

"Well yeah, it's your birthday, right?" answered Michael and James looked at the ground.

"Hey..." James looked up at the boy in front of him and he saw that he was given a bright smile. "Happy birthday James!" said Michael and James felt a warmth spread over his cheeks.

Okay, maybe the other kid wasn't such a bastard.

This is my first story I have ever written, so I'm not good with grammar and all that. I hope you like it though, and if you don't, tell me and then I'll know how to improve my writing.

Oh, and character pictures in my profile. If you're interested that is.